Since the inception of the “Land for Peace” initiative following the Six-Day War, Israel has made two official offers (there have likely been a few dozen discrete attempts) to create a “Palestinian” state west of the Jordan River: Barak’s offer to Arafat in 2000 at Camp David and Olmert’s relatively covert effort in 2008 to reach a peace agreement with Mahmoud Abbas’s PA were refused outright.

Why have the “Palestinians” refused a state of their own while leading their people–and the world to believe they’re suffering at the hands of an “Apartheid” Israeli occupation of the West Bank?

Politics and money are interdependent factors. This has always been the case. As of 2012, PA chief Mahmoud Abbas, one of the three signees of the PLO Charter calling for Israel’s destruction, who is serving the 10th year of his four-year term, had amassed a net worth of $100 million. Some of Arafat’s former aides are even richer. According to Time Magazine, the late “Palestinian” leader himself was worth at least $3 billion at the time of his death.

This money comes from the US government (some-$500 million in 2015 alone), the EU (212 million Euro in 2015 according to the EU website) Gulf States such as Qatar, Iran, and a conglomerate of Western and Israeli NGO’s such as B’Tselem, Machsom Watch, Peace Now, J Street. The amount of money streaming into the PA from around the world likely outweighs the $300 billion America gives Israel by a hefty amount. The “Palestinians” have received more funding than any other group at any point in history.

Back to the “occupation” and the single biggest reason the “Palestinians” will never agree to a peace deal even it gives them control over Judea and Samaria (which make up about 21% of modern-day Israel), and brings them closer to achieving their national mission. It boils down to money. So long as the “Palestinians” are stateless, and viewed by the world as suffering under Israeli “occupation,” they will continue getting free handouts. At least their leaders will. (Your everyday “Palestinian” has long ago bought into the mass propaganda fed by the PA and doesn’t care one iota where funding meant for him is ending up. He prefers to hate Jews over accepting any measure of responsibility for the situation).

The day there’s a peace deal and no more “occupation” the flow of funding will ebb. It won’t stop entirely–it never will for the simple reason that the world, whether Christian, Muslim or otherwise, was and will always be anti-Semitic at its core. This is also the reason funding will continue and increase the more terrorist acts there are and the more Jews are murdered. Those investing in “Palestinian human rights” are knowingly supporting efforts to bring about a second Holocaust. While it’s not the only one, money is by far the biggest reason neither “Palestinian” leadership, nor the “Palestinian” on the street will ever support a peace deal with Israel.