For most American tourists visiting Israel, frequenting our distant shores can be synonymous to a 7 year-old stepping into a candy shop. There’s just too much of a good thing to go around…

So where do you go if you’re a hard-working businessman with little time on your hands to make the most of your Holy Land experience? We’ve come up with a list of the top 10 places to visit in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel’s top two tourist attractions.

  1. 2C 50th story bar & restaurant atop Azrieli Tower, Tel-Aviv
Dining atop Azrielli Tower

Dining atop Azrielli Tower

Enjoy delicious gourmet Mediterranean cuisine for reasonable prices while gazing down on colorful yachts dotting the blue sea below. If you’re looking for a great bargain, get a sandwich or cold drink at the bar without having to pay a whole lot, and still get an incredible view of greater Tel-Aviv, large stretches of the Mediterranean, and considerable swaths of the Judean mountains.

  1. Ben Yehuda Street, Jerusalem

Ben Yehuda Street is Jerusalem’s prime hangout that captures the spirit of Israel’s capital city. Throngs of tourists gather here at all times of the year to listen to impromptu street shows including professional musicians, trained acrobats, and live mannequins showing off their skills. A must-see for anyone visiting Jerusalem.

  1. Nahalat Binyamin Street Fair, Tel-Aviv

Every Tuesday and Friday (including holidays) artists, clowns, and musicians display their merchandise in at the Nahalat Binyamin Street Fair right along the famed Carmel Market. Even if you’re not there to purchase a prized piece of art, you’ll definitely enjoy – and get entertained by this incredible taste of Israel.

  1. Old Jaffa, Tel-Aviv

The historic Jaffa harbor, where the modern State of Israel sprung its roots, is an enchanting maze of romantic gardens, enchanted paths, and a rich selection of first-rate restaurants. The mighty Mediterranean shore where Napoleon’s army was repelled for over a month by the Ottoman ruler with the help of his right-hand Jewish adviser serves as a back-drop to the hotels and skyscrapers of the booming metropolis of Tel-Aviv.  Enjoy a care-free evening and discover a hidden side of Israel at this pristine location.

  1. Old City, Jerusalem
Wailing Wall with view of Temple Mount

Wailing Wall with view of Temple Mount

The Old City of Jerusalem is perhaps the greatest wonder of the entire world. Built more than three thousand years ago, its stones have witnessed almost all the upheavals in the history of mankind. Its colorful markets, narrow alleyways, and spellbinding history give it a quality unlike of any other place in the world. The Old City is an absolute must for anyone visiting Jerusalem.

  1. The Tayelet, Tel-Aviv

Tel-Aviv’s famed promenade runs along the shore of the Mediterranean and offers tourists a riveting glimpse of Israel. There are hundreds of sun-glazed bars offering an assortment of alcoholic beverages and mouthwatering delights.  Enjoy the sun and soak in the sights and sounds of life in the Big City! You’ll be sure to bring home some unique stories…

  1. Mahane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem

    Mahane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem

    Mahane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem

The Mahane Yehuda market has come to symbolize Israel’s capital city. The colorful market attracts thousands of local and foreigners on a daily basis thanks to its unique Middle Eastern appeal. You won’t want to miss this Israeli marvel and dine in one of its prize-winning restaurants or bars!

  1. Sarona Market, Tel-Aviv

The recently-opened Sarona Market at the heart of Tel-Aviv offers visitors 89 businesses under one roof. It’s an experience that reflects the dynamic culture of the “city that never sleeps” boasting 8,700 square meters of pure delight. Check it out – you’ll enjoy every bit!

  1. Nachlaot Neighborhood, Jerusalem

Nachlaot is one of Jerusalem’s foremost cultural and religious hubs. Built in the late 1800’s, this historic landmark is home to a fascinating mixture of older generation Torah scholars alongside young American hippies.

  1. King David Hotel, Jerusalem

The fabled King David Hotel is the residence of choice for world leaders and dignitaries visiting Israel. Walking down its lobby, you’ll see signatures of some of the world’s biggest celebrities who’ve stayed there including Madonna, Mohammad Ali, and the Grateful Dead. The 5-star hotel features sprawling suites and Jerusalem’s largest outdoor swimming pool along with picturesque villa looking out at the Old City.

King David Hotel

King David Hotel