A scene from the kissing video

A scene from the kissing video

In his collection of political articles titled, “War of Ideas” former Likud MK Moshe Feiglin discusses the crucial differences in thinking between the Left and Right. Feiglin realized the need for the Right to “disengage” from the sickly Left and to treat the root cause of the problem that’s been afflicting the Jewish people since the outset.

A video showing random Jews and Arabs kissing that comes as a response to the Justice Ministry’s decision to ban a novel depicting a relationship between a Jew and “Palestinian” from the high school curriculum indicates the sickly Left is alive and well. We need to defeat it on its own playing field before it defeats us.

Mainstream “pro-Israel” publications provide free coverage

TimeOut Tel-Aviv recorded a video showing six Arab-Jewish couples including a gay one kissing in order to make the point that “Values don’t matter. What matters is we’re all ‘human,’ and ‘human’ actually means being an animal.” Times Of Israel, who’ve increasingly moved leftward, were quick to follow suit and reprint the article. The JPost, a publication that’s never been known for especially “Jewish” values, did the same, providing it more free publicity.

Had these been publications that cared about their journalistic standards and had any measure of integrity, they would have ignored the video altogether. Instead, we were back to doing what we do best: hurting our own interests by trying to look good in front of the world community.

The Left is our biggest enemy

The Israeli Left proved once again why it’s the worst enemy of the Jewish people and State of Israel. Liberals are, by definition, individuals who believe in social issues like equal rights, welfare, etc. They tend to be good people who mean well. The problem is, their well-meaning is completely misapplied.

Sexual decadence is part and parcel of this issue. In trying to appear “open-minded,” they’re crossing the boundaries from “human” to “animal” behavior. In trying to be more “forward-thinking” than the U.S. and Europe, they’re forgetting what allowed the Jewish people to return to Israel in the first place. (Our national/religious aspirations to return to the Land of our forefathers is why we came here and not Uganda or Madagascar).

It’s beyond repair

The Left has had more than enough time to understand where they’ve gone astray and correct their mistakes. They’ve failed not because they’re not smart enough or don’t hold to a very high spiritual standard. (These definitely apply as well). As a Conservative American radio show host said recently, Liberalism is a mental sickness. You have to be sick not to understand that defending the rights of your enemies hurts the interests of your own people.

We must separate ourselves from the sickness and defeat it wherever it appears

So what do you do when part of your body is sick–so sick that it’s beyond repair? Yes, you try to tend to it and heal yourself while possible, but when there’s no longer a good chance of getting better, you’re sometimes forced with the painful but life-saving option of amputating an arm or a leg or killing off the “bad” blood cells.

To purify oneself, one must first get rid of the negative aspects of one’s behavior. The concept of National Redemption involves repenting and returning to our heritage. I don’t believe we can teach the left-wingers any more than we’ve already tried. Perhaps, we need to try a different approach.

Perhaps, we need to fight the Left just like we’ve been fighting the Arabs. We have no more patience. We can’t allow any more of our kids to be slaughtered to appease the West. They must be fought on their own playing field: in the media, the academia, the court system; anywhere they’re found. They must be sought out and defeated because it’s either us or them. Either our way of life will win our or theirs.