Get Paid To Write For Us

We want to encourage everyone to write articles and have them published on our website. Please feel free to pick any category and submit an article.

Price per article is : $10US-$12US

Rules & Regulations

  1. Anyone is free to submit an article to be published on All articles will be considered, however only the articles that are featured will be awarded payment.
  2. All articles need to have a minimum of 350 words.
  3. A single keyword that is featured in the Title as well as minimum of 10 times in the article needs to be provided.
  4. A minimum of 5 tags need to be provided that describe your article.
  5. Any article that is plagiarized will NOT be published  – we check!
  6. Images: A url of an image is required but the decision of the final image is up to the editor of the site.

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