1. Michael Jordan (1984-’93, 1995-’98) – Who else??

"The Dunk"

“The Dunk”

AKA “MJ,””Air Jordan,” “His Airness”- and no, ain’t never been a better playa in NBA history than Air Mike!

Jordan was bigger than life itself. No kid growing up in Chicago – perhaps the entire world – in the early 90’s didn’t know his name.

MJ’s accolades include: 6 NBA championships, 5 MVP Awards and 14 All-Star appearances. His net worth currently stands at $1.14 billion and he is the principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets basketball team.



2. Norm Van Lier (1971-1978) 

Van Lier

Stormin’ Norman in Action

“Stormin’ Norman” was a TV show host in the 90’s when I had just started watching the Bulls. You could tell he was the ultimate gentleman who personified the American spirit that extended far beyond sports. Van Lier came off as completely unselfish. His love for the game of basketball was unparalleled.

As far as his career accomplishments, Van Lier is the Bulls’ third all-time leader in both assists and steals behind Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.


3. John Paxson  (1985-1994)

Johnny Pax was my favorite Bull for much of his career. His style on and off the court really spoke to me, and his game-winning 3 in game six of the 1993 NBA Finals is perhaps my favorite moment in Bulls history.


4. Horace Grant (1987-1994)

Grant was an integral part of the Bulls’ ’91-’93 Three Peat. Horace’s trademark goggles and jovial attitude always endeared him to me. He was the ultimate competitor and another all-around good guy.


5. B.J. Armstrong (1989-1995, 1999-2000) 

"The Kid" BJ Armstrong. Courtesy: alchetron.com

“The Kid” BJ Armstrong. Courtesy: alchetron.com

I will never forget Bulls announcer Johnny “Red” Kerr telling the story of how one of Michael Jordan’s kids had been asked who his favorite Bull was. He said that it was B.J. “because he’s a kid like me.”

Armstrong was a too-cool guy with a great shot. He was well respected by all – even though he looked like a 13 year-old which might just be one of the reasons for his relative fame despite having made just one All-Star appearance.


6. Toni Kukoc (1993-2000)

Toni began his professional career starring for his hometown Jugoplastike Split team where he won three consecutive Euroleague titles.

When Kukoc finally made it across the pond in 1993 and played on three Bulls championship squads along with MJ, Pippen and Rodman, the basketball world witnessed one of the greatest European ballers of all time step up his level of play and fit in to a tee with a championship Bulls team filled to the brim with superstars.

“The Waiter” won the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award in 1996.


7. Dennis Rodman (1995-’98)

Courtesy: Reddit.com

Courtesy: Reddit.com

The numerous fights and antics “Dennis The Menace” engaged in over his pro career made him enemy of the people #1 around the league.

He was primarily a rebounding specialist, performing acrobatic stunts to nab the ball out of what sometimes appeared as thick air.

Some of “The Worm’s” accomplishments include:

  1. Getting married…to himself (!!!)
  2. Having an affair with Madonna.
  3. Coaching a topless basketball league team.
  4. Coming out with a book (about himself) with a picture of himself naked on the front cover (basketball replacing fig leaf to prevent having to father too many illegitimate future ballas/thugs).
  5. Befriending North Korean dictator and one of the world’s most evil men, King Jong-un and making numerous trips to N. Korea to “engage in diplomacy” with the rogue state.