It certainly looks like while I’ve been away visiting my parents, grandparents, and friends in Chicago, your typical, run-o-the-yard Mil’ East tyrant unleashed a chemical attack on those pesky rebels that just keep on coming back no matter how many virgins up above Hezbollah has amassed under its TNT-packed belt.

What I’m actually trying to say is that it’s time, oh yes, it’s time…for yet another Havel Havelim Blog Carnival and this one isn’t to be missed!

Keep your belts–and gas masks on–because you’re in for a ride. As far as gas masks, I’m just joking, but if worst comes to worst, Israel should be able to hold its own…Batter up, Syria, Iran…and whoever feels like exploring a virgin-less heaven–hell in this case.

This week’s Carnival includes some witty insights by non other than Ya’aqov Ben-Yehuda of Esser Agaroth, Batya’s political news from the one ‘n only Shiloh Musings, Jacob Richman’s report on new Israeli stamps and so much more…

Ben-Yehuda of Esser Agaroth posted a number of articles this week. The first one deals with a case of bullying in an American public school where the Jewish kid seems to have been singled out and harassed for being…well, Jewish. Ya’aqov discusses the concept of Jewish parents in America complaining of anti-Semitism, talks about how his parents once had a swastika painted on their house and how his mom let it stay right where it was for all their non-Jewish neighbors to see, etc.

  • Ya’aqov’s bottom line in his post is that “Yes, we have it bad in America, or anywhere else in the galut for that matter.” It’s not called “galut” for nothin’, genius! Here’s a quote I especially liked from Ya’aqov’s post “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jewish American Parents: “

“I was running TO where I am supposed to live as a Jew. We so easily forget that the U. S. is one of the many lands of our EXILE, and EXILE is supposed to be a punishment.”

and a quote from Mrs. Medad’s post: One response that would make sense would be for Israel, Right, Left, Center, politicians, academics and media to publically state that the Golan will remain forever in Israeli hands for the safety and security of Israel, Jews and non-Jews alike.”

  • Rabbi Reuven Spolter of Chopping Wood in which he features his “divrei Torah and community issues” covers a speech by Rabbi Joshua Fass at Yeshiva University in which the latter scolds the Jewish American community for its lack of commitment to Aliya in The Windmills of Zionist Apathy


  • Here’s an in-depth Aliya guide for those of you who’ve taken this rewarding route. It was written by Dvorah Rut Wiedner, a great writer (I know because she’s posted articles on my site), and big Aliya expert:  The Jewish Climber’s Guide to Aliya Success

Jacob on his Aliya: “This Friday (August 30) marks my 29th anniversary of making aliyah – moving to Israel. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and I still have my Brooklyn accent (and proud of it!). Back in the 80’s there was a t-shirt that said it all: “I love New York but Israel is my home.”

  • Ruti Mizrachi of Ki Yahcol Nuchal! posted an article titled “A True Home for the Palestinian People, part I“. Ruti attended a conference called “Two States for Two Peoples on Two Banks of the Jordan River: Can This Be a Feasible Alternative?” It was delivered partially in Hebrew (with simultaneous translation) and in English. Here’s Ruti on her position vis-a-vis giving away land for “peace”:

“Another point I want to mention: I am in the camp that does not want to give up a single grain of sand of the land given to my people by G-d. I do not believe that giving away land will buy peace for the Jewish people.”

Here’s a very creative excerpt from David’s post: “If tears could melt stone, the Kotel wouldn’t be standing. If hopes and dreams could make them fly, there would be a wall floating around somewhere in space.”

  • Here’s another piece by Ya’aqov in which he shreds a certain “‘Rabbi’ Ashira Konigsburg’s” piece on “Oh my, I didn’t know we had to be separated from men. Maybe I shouldn’t be Jewish after all…” (and here’s the best part, ladies ‘n gents: she’s a “Rabbi!!!”):  The Women’s Section
  • And in this one, Ya’aqov rips President No-bama, the American State Dept., renowned anti-Semites (I did just say that), Kerry, Hagel, and two-faced/three-chinned Samantha Power for their idiotic foreign policy:  It’s Not About Syria; It’s About Israel.

A very “real” post by Batya Medad; “real” because it reminds us of the fragility of life but also because it evokes the best life has to offer. Enjoy:  A Crazy Couple of Months.

  • And finally, a post on the month of Ellul and the process of tshuva by (you guessed it!) Batya Medad: That Hidden Camera. Here’s an excerpt:

“It doesn’t matter what costume or uniform we have worn throughout our lives. G-d sees the truth, the אמת emet.  For the longest time, I’ve seen the word אמת truth as אמות amute, I will die.  That is the final, ultimate truth.  Someday we will all die, whether we want to or feel ready to or wished we had died sooner.”

Well, this pretty much concludes this week’s edition of the Havel Havelim Blog Carnival. I want to thank Batya Medad and Ya’aqov Ben-Yehuda for their constant help and support: Batya for walking me through the process of posting my first Havel Havelim and Ya’aqov for being a friend and a mentor.

Shabbat shalom from Skokie, Galut! Next week in Jerusalem!

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