In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement formally allying itself with the BDS Boycott Divestment and Sanctions campaign, there has been an attempt on the part of Zionist activist Chloe Simone Valdary and African American reverend Dumisani Washington to remind people of the deep connection between the African American civil rights movement in the U.S. and the Jewish people’s struggle for self-determination. And yes, Chloe is right: there’s more that binds Blacks and Jews than tears them apart.



The Black community has much more to gain from aligning itself with Israel than with the “Palestinians.” This being said, there are a number of significant parallels between the “Palestinians” fight for a state of their own that seeks to replace Israel, and the African Americans’ struggle for “civil rights” in America that would replace the Puritan narrative to become the de facto story line in American society. To clarify, I personally enjoy major aspects of Black culture and don’t believe the African American narrative is truly capable of “taking over” America as some would speculate.

The starting point when discussing parallels between “Palestinian” national claims and African American self determination revolves around the nature and form of the struggle. I will gloss over this topic since it borders on the obvious. The second major meeting point is the way in which society at large has exploited the flight of both groups to their advantage. I’ll focus on this.

Exploitation of Interests in the name of Political Gain

The “Palestinian” struggle for recognition and self-determination–nay, their very identity was borne out of the Arab world’s inability to defeat the State of Israel. In three consecutive wars (1948, 1956 and 1967) the Arab world tried and failed to annihilate the Jewish State. The last defeat; that of the Six-Day War when the IDF brought Egypt, Syria and Jordan to their knees; the IDF within shooting range of Damascus and Cairo, the infant State of Israel staking out its claim to superiority in the rotting mess that had become of the Middle East, established Israel’s rightful place as victor. The Arabs, backed by their loyal Soviet patrons, sought an alternative way of defeating the Jews.

The “Palestinians,” refugees from leftovers of the Ottoman Empire who had settled in Mandate Palestine at the time of the Second Aliya; a “people” with no national identity and no unifying motto with the exception of that which unites all Arabs–a hatred for Israel, became the perfect tool for the Arab world’s delusional fantasy. 48 years have passed. The Arab world is in shambles and no longer poses a serious threat to Israel’s survival. There are the “Palestinians,” however, who, with the help of the UN, EU, America and every “civil rights” organization out there  has succeeded where the Arabs failed. They have effectively slowed Israel’s economic production and civic life by carrying out a piecemeal campaign of “negotiating table terrorism.”

The “Palestinians” are known as the “garbage of the Middle East.” No one is interested in them. The Arab states have their own problems and besides, what have the “Palestinians’ ever done for them?! This is why they’re kept in refugee camps by UNRWA, an offshoot of the UN specifically designed to perpetuate the Palestinian refugee crisis ensuring “Palestinians” will never resettle, maintaining national aspirations for a “triumphant return to Palestine” despite any logical considerations.

Civil Rights Movement in Today’s America–Exploitation in the name of Personal Interests

Civil rights in America no longer has anything to do with “civil rights.” Blacks have long been granted greater privileges than any other minority in the U.S. With the election of a Black president, one can no longer seriously discuss “state racism.” The pendulum has swung.

The Democratic Party has amassed political fortune from Black suffering. They have effectively brainwashed American society into believing they’re the party that supports civil rights as opposed to the “racist, backwards” GOP. This is not the case. Just like the right wing parties in Israel are the only ones who actually care for the rights of Israeli Arabs, the GOP is the party that has the best interests of American Blacks in mind. The liberal media has led a covert cover-up of the true designs of conservatives and liberals in America.

Not everyone has bought into it. There are a number of Black activists who understand that the Democrats will continue using them only so long as they serve their purpose. They realized they’re being exploited for crude political gain; that liberals will continue decrying “Southern poverty,” and “the down-faults of not having a true wellfare state wherein everyone is privy to the same level of social security coverage irrespective of earnings.

They realize the comfortably rich, culturally-elite Bill and Hillary simply don’t care enough for them–that it’s the filthy rich Romney and Trump who have a sufficient amount of money to see beyond the next presidential campaign and not lose so much by not getting elected that they’re willing to screw over an entire community. Obama doesn’t care either. Obama cares about perpetuating Obama’s image as “Savior of the free world.” Only the “crude,” “backwards” Republicans can remedy the wrongs of the Clinton/Obama regimes.

“The Blind will Lead the Blind”

It’s little wonder, then, that the Black Lives Matter campaign has chosen the BDS movement as its natural partner. The blind are leading the blind. One sees the other as inspiration for “overturning the evils of the past” and bringing down the “oppressor.” Israel and the White middle class are the “oppressors,” while the “Palestinians” and grass roots African American pundits want to lead a “dignified” existence. They fail to see that this is, in fact, the very opposite of what’s really going on–but that matters not. There are powers beyond their comprehension at the wheel, whereas they are but tools in a fight for the “greater good.”

Final Note

The equal marriage campaign is another campaign that has found a natural ally in the “Palestinians.” Those gay activists out there who support Israel will ultimately abandon ship. Their logic and way of life will not allow them to stand alongside a truly Jewish state that will sooner or later embrace “right” over “wrong.”