Picture: http://www.incogman.net

Picture: http://www.incogman.net

The Black Lives Matter campaign has gained traction in the U.S. for the obvious reasons that everything crude and corrupt has been superficially transplanted into standard and good, and a new age of political correctness in the name of self-serving political interests is well upon us.

This age recently witnessed the approval of the same-sex marriage law by the Supreme Court. While this bill may be anticlimactic to the very fabric of society, the move was widely viewed as revolutionary forward change in the name of open-mindedness and “all that’s right with the world.” In both cases, those who dared voice their dissonance were branded “fanatical conservatives.” There were a number of instances (only a few have garnered any real media attention) of those who voiced discontent with the new law getting fired from work.

In his legendary Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury portrays a world where books are burned lest humans are allowed to think for themselves. 60 years later, Bradbury’s prophecy is coming to pass. Following the Charleston church shooting, the Confederate flag is in danger of being banned. Not that I support the sins of the Confederacy, but this flag has nothing to do with the real issues facing America today. Nor does the Black Lives Matter campaign. We’re being told not only what to do but how to think. Anything perceived as “close-minded” and “unenlightened” is discarded for the supposed good of humanity.

The”Black Lives Matter” campaign name implies that Black lives are the only ones that are truly important. It’s the outcome of years of government pandering to minorities at the expense of everyone else. But successive Democratic Party regimes have, in fact, completely ignored the real issues facing Black communities: issues such as the lack of higher education standards, constant black-on-black violence, a void when it comes to responsibility-bearing especially on the part of young adults, increased reliability on welfare and social funding, lack of entrepreneurship and making inroads into more white-collar business, teenage pregnancy, etc. They have chosen to do so for fear of hurting their electability.

Let’s face it: No one amongst the current administration, Supreme Court, or Black Lives Matter campaign actually cares about the quality of Black life in today’s America. What they do care is making political profit for themselves, rendering the African American community at the whim of said power-hungry politicians and integrity-lacking pundits. Sounds crazy? Only to those unfamiliar with the nature of American politics.

Fact is, it’s looking more and more like Fahrenheit 451. We’ve allowed the things that made America great go to waste while undercurrents threatening to fester into long-term tumors continue infecting this once-great country. The GOP is a complete mess. Donald Trump’s emergence means Republicans don’t care enough for American’s future to unite around a real candidate with a chance of emerging victorious over an invigorated Hillary Clinton. It’s early in the election season, but already chances of a GOP victory are growing dimmer by the minute. This means at least another four years of White House ineptitude; four more years of moral corruption.

Of course Black lives matter, but we don’t need politically-motivated, heavily-leftward-bent interest group pundits interfering with lousy speechds by impotent White Democratic Party hopefuls trying to pass for political leaders to make this point. They’re not helping African Americans. On the contrary, they’re setting them light years back. Orwell/Bradbury’s nightmare scenarios is coming to fruition before our very eyes. You really need to be blind not to notice. The White House remains firmly in the grasp of the hypocritical Left. Things aren’t looking too good. Let’s hope the truly great country that’s America wakes from its slumber and manages to find a way out of this predicament. I’m not counting on it, but stranger things have happened.