You’ve seen them by now: those pesky BDS’ers going around asking people to “boycott” Israel. It doesn’t make too much sense to a arab shukmature human being just based on the simple fact that most likely you’re boycotting your own computer or your own veggies, or better yet (or worse perhaps) your own cancer treatment when you’re boycotting Israel (yes, Israel is home to the world’s leading high-tech, medical, and fruit and vegetable markets with brands like Coca-Cola, IBM, Intel, etc, etc—just check this darling webpage for more—all coming from Israel), but there are plenty of arguments against boycotting the only democracy in this here, Middle East besides the “you use it yourself” one to go along.

Let’s see: first off, who are you to “boycott” Israel? Oh, I see, you’re an enlightened European. Arabs are flocking to your shores. Your country is a free-for-all where drugs, pornography, and other interesting albeit devious practices are all the rage. Well, did you know that more likely than not, your country either openly participated in murdering Jews during the Holocaust or collaborated with the Nazis? And you have the nerve to call us, here in Israel names like “Nazis,” “colonialists,” and “occupiers.”

I see. It’s because the Palestinians are, in fact, being colonized by those evil Jews. Did you know that the Europeans have been the biggest colonizers ever since a sea route to Asia was discovered? Did you know that European Christians were the original “terrorist,” terrorizing both Jews and Muslims in a span of some-500 years (the Middle Ages…you might have heard of these)?

I think that the biggest argument against boycotting Israel though, is that Israel is the biggest supporter of Arab interests in the Middle East. Yes, I said that! And no, not nationalist/religious Arab aspirations to take over the world and submit you, the sacrilegious infidel to Sharia Law, but the interests of the working-class Arab; the Arab who wants to have a better life; a life without Muslim clerics imposing rules on him and dictators telling him what to do.

That Arab profits from the Israeli economy more so than anyone else. How? Well, ask the Palestinian construction worker building homes for Jews in the “Occupied Territories.” He’ll tell you that he works for Israelis who, in turn, work for Israelis. That’s how the Israeli economy works, my friend. It both benefits from—and returns capital to Arab workers.

Well, how ‘bout Arabs outside of Israel or the “occupied” West Bank, right? They profit from Israel as well. So long as the Israeli economy keeps growing, Israel will remain a counter weight to their despotic rulers who’d like nothing better than to impose their will on not only Abu-Arab but you, Joe-European as well.  So long as we here, Jews are alive ‘n kicking, these petty criminals who just happened to be in the right place at the right time, will have a difficult time reigning in popular protests and demands that they give up power in favor of democracy.

Now how ‘bout a direct way that Arab in Kuwait profits from Israel’s economy? There are plenty of those as well. For one, there’s cheap labor in the form of Palestinians “fleeing” the comforts of Israel in return for promises of better days on your sunny shores. They come in droves and contribute greatly to your economy. Many of them already have experience working in a striving first-world country and happen to be dedicated employees. And how about that Intel computer we mentioned before? You’re using it, aren’t you, Ali?

Back to popular protests for democracy. The Arab Spring isn’t an example of that. The Arab Spring is an example of American diplomacy gone wrong. What is an example of that is Israeli investors helping out our cousins in Dubai, of Israel exporting goods to Jordan, of the Israeli Air Force helping Egyptian efforts to route Islamist forces in the Sinai Peninsula…and I can keep going till I’m blue and white in the face.

Just as an aside, the author of this article is not boycotting Israel. He isn’t boycotting anyone—including Germany (the country that produced the Adolf), or his Arab neighbors who are either pelting him with stones or are just hell-bent on nuking him. He buys from Arabs. Because he’s a human being and so are they. Because he doesn’t stand to win anything but will lose a lot if he doesn’t. Because boycotting anyone besides the likes of Iran, Syria and Sudan is the work of 12-year old BDS’ers, not me or you!