As Turkey continues another genocidal campaign–this time against the Iraqi Kurds and the U.S. government abandons them in favor of a



stronger, more important ally in its fight on ISIS, Israel must take a stand and tell the world it will not–cannot condone the massacre of the only other group in the Middle East that’s taken an unequivocal position in defense of human liberty and freedom.

Israel is not America. Whereas America cares solely about its national interests, Israel has been known to take positions which may not have been popular but were definitely ethically sound. This is because Israel is the Jewish state, meaning it promotes singularly Jewish values; values that support doing what’s right–not what sells. Unlike what Ha’aretz and JTA “journalists” want to sell you, being a Jewish state is in no way anticlimactic to being a thriving democracy. On the contrary. The two have proven to coexist very well. Not so when it comes to the Arab world or totalitarian Turkey.

Israel’s entirely tactical alliance with Turkey is likely to not only fizzle out as Erdogan fosters ties with Hamas–it’s also likely to hurt our ability to link up to potential allies and bastions of freedom and democracy Armenia and Kurdistan. Israel’s long-standing hesitance to take a moral stand on the Armenian Holocaust (yes, Armenian “Holocaust”) will hurt us in the long run. I’d expect a tactical genius like Netanyahu to realize this and begin preparing for the day after Turkey opens political channels with the Hamas/Iran axis. Netanyahu and his aides are likely looking over all possible scenarios as the situation in the region has become extremely fluid with the emergence of ISIS and the Iran Nuclear Deal.

While it may be completely unrealistic to expect Jerusalem to sever diplomatic ties with Ankara at this juncture, I would expect a little more clarity from the Jewish State in its approach to the developing massacre of Iraqi Kurds, a natural ally in a Middle East dominated by totalitarian Islamist regimes.