In a recent Jerusalem Post article by Martin Sherman, the author puts the fallacy of the “Two-State Solution” and the suicidal left’s willingness to compromise their own lives for the world to feel a little better about us on two statesdisplay.

Sherman quotes Prof. Paul Eidelberg in his The Fixation of Israel’s Elites on “Land for Peace”, 2007: 

The fixation of Israeli governments on “land for peace”, a policy that has resulted in the murder and maiming of more than 10,000 Jews, puzzles the pundits. They puzzle over the fact that regardless of which party or coalition of parties controls the government, the policy of land-for-peace continues, despite its obvious futility and fatal consequences.

They wonder what animates Israel’s ruling elites? Why do they continue to negotiate with terrorists, with Arabs or Muslims steeped in a fourteen- century religion driven by hatred of “infidels”…

 Sherman later quotes one of Ha’aretz’s lunatics, Ari Shavit, whose job, along with the rest of the Ha’aretz staff is to undermine the State of Israel and the Zionist endeavor:

“A recent article (June, 19) by the usually articulate Ari Shavit in Haaretz provides an instructive example of just how asinine — read “disingenuous and irrational” — “twostater” arguments have become. Apparently apprehensive that the abduction of the three youths two weeks ago could result in a setback for the popularity of the “two-state” approach, Shavit, unsurprisingly, condemns Israel for not taking advantage of “seven good years” of relative calm to reach agreement with the Palestinians. In a breathtaking misrepresentation of facts, he writes: “Until the abduction of the three youths in Alon Shvut a week ago, no strategic attack had been launched. The bloody attacks on Israeli cities and even the attacks on the settlements and settlers dramatically diminished. The economic prosperity, cultural boom and good life…since 2007 were possible only because the violent reality we had lived in was replaced with a reality of quiet borders, a quiet West Bank and astonishing stability.”

Sherman is quick to point out that a recent Jerusalem Post article rebuted Shavit saying,

“Shavit conveniently ignored the hundreds of Kassam rockets and mortar shells shot over these years…He also ignored several incidents of murder, dozens of foiled kidnapping attempts, and hundreds of incidents of rock-throwing and firebombings…throughout the West Bank.”

But traitors like Shavit convenintly ignore the fact that the relative quiet was not for the “Palestinians'” lack of desire to sow havoc on Israel. It was rather due to Benjamin Netanyahu’s steadfast policy of a heavy-handed approach to terror and of striking back whenever there was any type of provocation. This policy–not any kind of “good will” shown by the “Palestinians” is what led to a short period of relative quiet. Bibi’s detractor’s will claim he has done nothing to propel the “peace process.” They’re useful idiots who don’t realize that it’s thanks to this very policy of keeping the status quo alive that there’s any chance of real peace.

The ISIS Example: Here at our Doorstep

Sherman uses the ISIS example (that terrorist group has taken over three of Iraq’s largest cities while the Iraqi army has demonstrated complete innadequacy picking up its arms and running away at every opportunity) to question the chances of the “Palestinians” being able to come through on a “Two-State agreement:”

“For “two-staters” the speech given last week in Jeddah by Mahmoud Abbas, in which he firmly condemned the abduction of the three Israeli youths, was a veritable “shot-in-the-arm” — particularly as it was given in Arabic and clearly intended for an Arabic-speaking audience.

I do not know if Abbas is sincere in his occasional declarations of goodwill and his desire to conclude a lasting peace agreement with Israel. And neither does any avid “two-stater”! However, as I have been at pains to underscore, whether he is or he is not should be entirely irrelevant for the formulation of Israel’s long-term strategic policy.

The main concern about the viability of the two-state paradigm has been that its durability cannot be assured, no matter what deal may be struck, no matter with whom it may be struck.

In the past this concern was centered on (a) whether the party contracting on behalf of the Palestinians has the requisite authority and sincerity to “deliver the goods”; (b) even if he did, what is to prevent him from reneging on his commitments; and (c) even if he does not renege on his commitments, nothing prevents his replacement by a successor who would renege.

In recent months, however, a new element has entered the equation, which, even if none of those scenarios materialized, is likely to make an agreement with any Palestinian worthless.

With much of the Arab world in bloody turmoil and the rapid erasure of previous international borders, the increasing pressure on the stability of the Hashemite dynasty in Jordan makes the prospect of regime change an essential working assumption of any responsible Israeli government.

Even if an otherwise durable pact could be concluded with some trustworthy Palestinian, how would his mini-micro-demilitarized state cope with the kind of Islamist forces now routing the Iraqi army? The specter of an ISIS-affiliated regime taking control in Amman, or seriously destabilizing the country and undermining the rule of law must be considered a plausible outcome that Israel should plan how to deal with.”

There’s also new information from recent polls that the majority of the “Palestinian” public no longer supp0rts the “Two State Solution.” No kidding. Our “Palestinian” neighbors supported this “solution” so long as they saw it as a means to an ends: the first step towards the annihilation of the Jewish State and the creation of a terrorist “Palestinian” state in its stead. Now that it doesn’t look like Israel will capitulate–at least not entirely, they’re showing their true colors. They want a One State Solution to be implemented: the “Palestinian” dream of the end of Israel and “Palestine” in its stead to take affect without having to wait any longer.

The useful idiots on the left are indeed useful…to our Arab neighbors and to the world community who would like nothing better than the end of Israel and creation of “Palestine.” They will continue doing what they’re so good at doing until one of their kids or grandkids gets kidnapped, tortured and brutally murdered at the hands of their “Palestinian” brethren. Until then, they will remain the blind useful idiots.