As long as the “Palestinian” entity has existed, these people have received special privileges both at home and abroad. In other words, Abbaswhenever they do something that can be construed as “negative,” they get the benefit of the doubt, and whenever they do anything remotely symbolic of a peace gesture, they get rewarded 10-fold.

Just to name a few examples, there’s Arafat’s peace overtures which were taken at more that just face value and at the opposite end of the spectrum, the said terrorist’s life-long attempts to annihilate the Jewish state which were seen as a “kid at play” by a majority of the players in the international community. Those who did take Arafat seriously thought he was some kind of “freedom fighter” using all the means at his disposal to help his people gain independence (they forgot to consider what this “independence” would mean for the rest of the world).

This issue came to mind again today, as PA ‘Prime Minister,’ Razi Hamdallah, was stopped for multiple traffic violations. According to Israel National News, “At the officer’s insistence, the convoy finally stopped. However, police say that the Arab officials assaulted the officer at this point and refused to cooperate with him, forcing the officer to call in the Israel police.

Judea and Samaria District Police squad cars arrived on the scene but the police officers were received in a ‘humiliating’ fashion by the PA convoy members, and a policewoman was attacked.”

This incident will not be reported by Yahoo News or MSN, yet it’s indicative of the “Palestinians'” behavior and the fact that they, as a community, feel a complete lack of responsibility to the country that feeds and provides for them. While it’s widely accepted amongst the “Palestinian” public that they have better lives here than in any Arab country, they do not feel responsible to give anything in return. The same can be said of the recent peace process. Abbas has acted irresponsibly in demanding that Israel make unprecedented concessions while he, himself, refuses to even accept Israel’s status as a “Jewish State.”

“Palestinians” need to be treated at their face value–not more and not less. After all, as the Left continues to claim, “they’re human like us.” Yes, they are human like us; they’re not angels or gods and no, they’re not little red devils who are all out to get us. They’re human and need to be treated accordingly.