Duma Attack and Jewish Conspiracy Theorists

The burning of the house in Duma on July 31st in which a “Palestinian” baby was killed along with his father prompted Jewish leaders from across the political spectrum to blame Jewish extremism for fostering an atmosphere of hatred and animosity. There were–and continue to be Zionist Internet warriors who place the blame for the attack with the Arabs. They’d like to believe Arabs were responsible for murdering a 18 year-old “Palestinian” baby in the middle of the night. It could have been the case–and pigs can fly. There are simply too many factors that rule out the possibility of “Palestinians” attempting to frame Jewish radicals in order to perpetuate the image of “Jewish extremism.”

Duma attack: www.businessinsider.com

Duma attack: www.businessinsider.com

Israel’s Ruling Elites Don’t Need to be Egged On–they’ve Already Bought In


In fact, they don’t need to try very hard. Our own fearless leaders, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and Prime Minister Netanyahu have internalized the idea that any attempt on the part of Jews to take things into their own hands, doing what the IDF has repeatedly failed to do, is counterproductive to Israel’s best interests so thoroughly, that there’s little anyone on the “Palestinian” side can do to reinforce this further. Perhaps the Arabs also realize this. They don’t need to burn down a house in Duma to get Jews arrested. Jews will get Jews arrested. They’re just a sideshow. We have our own family affairs to tend to…

But whether Bibi and Ya’alon are “for” or “against” Jewish self-determination being taken to another level, we need to keep track of our own standars for “right” and “wrong.” This was categorically wrong.

Asghar Bukhari–Brainchild of Arab Hysteria

But while conspiracy theorists, shallow individuals who see themselves as political visionaries and an assortment of other “interesting” occurrences is the exception amongst Jews, it’s very much common practice when it comes to “Palestinian” interest groups like BDS. Stories of Mossad operatives breaking into the home Muslims Public Affairs Committee UK founding activist Asghar Bukhari and abducting one of his shoes and a Mossad dolphin being captured by the Hamas naval unit are the norm in the “Palestinian” national dialogue.

When you realize this is a society deeply rooted in hatred, racism, and sexism, it’s easy to understand where the deviants calling for a “boycott” of Israel while using the latest Israeli-designed technology and getting treated in Israeli hospitals are coming from. It’s also easy to see how a “nation” with no common history, culture, or even national background (most “Palestinians” who claimed to have been “displaced” in the Six-Day War were of Egyptian, Jordanian, Syrian, or Lebanese descent), used by international “human rights” organizations such as UNRWA for their own selfish interests would be traumatized by the sight of their shadows. These people have been thrown around like useless bacteria by their own brethren in the Arab world for so long, they’ve forgotten what it means to think for themselves.

“Palestinian” Roots: A “People” in Name Only

The “Palestinian” often claim to be descendants of the early Philistines. There’s no truth to this claim. There’s no reason a lot has been made of the “Palestinian” national narrative and claims of their long-standing history in this region of the world outside of the fact that the world, while profiting from Jewish ingenuity,  is still deeply anti-Semitic.  The one single objective behind the creation of the “Palestinian” narrative by the Soviet propaganda apparatus is a second Holocaust: not only a re-occupation of the Land of Israel by the Arabs, but a complete annihilation of  Jews everywhere.

Arab/”Palestinian” Mass Hysteria: Reasons for and Good, Bad or Both?

The biggest reason for mass hysteria in the Arab world regarding Israel’s military dearth is two-fold:

1st is the chronic inability within Arab society to succeed in areas their nemesis, the Jews, have excelled at for centuries. Arabs have a hard time finding feasible explanations for their own debilitating inefficiency while the Jews succeed wherever they go.

The 2nd reason is Israel’s ability to strike anywhere anytime. The Mossad has taken part in so many successful missions that while this may not play into its hands, Arab media gives the Israeli military more credit than it deserves.

This is a blessing in disguise for the Jewish State whose propaganda machine, while well-organized, is not nearly as effective as the power-in-numbers Al Jazeera Mein-Kampf-styled onslaught. Yes, there are more and more people who buy into the mass hysteria of Arab media every day; people who will live out their lives hating Jews and Israel sometimes without actually meeting a member of the Tribe. But a vast majority of these individuals will neither do anything of value in life, nor participate in military operations against Israeli and Jewish targets if only because they will never have the means of doing so.

Lessons Learned: Vital Need to Perpetuate Israel’s Two-fold Edge in Middle East

As Iran eyes an increasing military influence in the region and possibly a nuclear outbreak, Israel’s ability to instill fear in the hearts and minds of her neighbors becomes so much more crucial if we are to enforce peace through intimidation. The Mossad needs to continue perpetuating an image of “unseen enemy” that can strike at any given moment. Israel’s invincibility in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds (as Golda Meir answered when asked, “Why does Israel always win?”–“We have no choice!”) depends in large part on the image it has perpetuated in the Arab press, throughout Arab society and even amongst Arab elites.