Miri Regev has been busy trying to pass a measure that would allow medical staff at Israeli prisons where “Palestinian” terrorists are being held to force feed the prisoners on hunger strike. Efforts to pass this bill .have mounted and one of the leading religious Zionist organizations, Tzomet, has joined the Knesset push.

I’m at odds as to why we need any such measures and even more at odds as to why a Likud MK and a religious Zionist organization would be in favor of them. What’s preventing the Israeli government from allowing the hunger striking terrorists to starve? Do I need to remind anyone that these are terrorists? Terrorists are not human. “People” who’ve taken other people’s lives because the other people were different from them and because this difference didn’t meet their perogatives, don’t deserve to be allowed to live.

Yes, we absolutely need a death penalty in Israel. It’s been 66 years overdue in fact. But if subhuman “Palestinian” terrorists whom we’re spending our taxpayers’ money on don’t want to eat, let them not eat, for G-d’s sakes!

I believe this issue strikes at the heart of the religious Zionist discourse. The bigger question is, “How do we fight our wars? Do we fight them to defend our borders or to defeat the enemy?” I alluded to this topic in an earlier article: Israel Should Learn from the Syrian Civil War.

If we continue fighting our wars to defend our borders, this will lead to further conflicts down the line. If we fight to erradicate the enemy, we will have peace at our borders for years to come. The international community will slam us for “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing.” Then again, it’s been doing just that ever since seven Arab armies tried to push us into the sea in 1948.