lotr-rotk-aragorn-black-gateThe above quote was said by a fictional character, but these are the very words that must be proclaimed from the mouth of the President of the US or one the prime ministers of Europe or even Israel. However, we will not hear these words, not from any of the leaders the free world. The west has become paralyzed and corrupt since Communism fell, caught off guard by the enemy that emerged from its ashes. We no longer live in a world of right and wrong, good and evil, righteous and wickedness and instead we live in a world of moral equivalency and relativism; where no one is anymore right than anyone else, when Western civilization, liberty and freedom have no more or less merit than the murderous, blood thirsty radical Islam of Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, and Iran and its proxies.

Gone are the leaders of old, the Churchill’s, Roosevelt’s, the Reagan’s; leaders who had the courage to look evil in the face and call it by name. I recently read an article written by MK Feglin, where he expressed his shock of hearing President Bush urge American to fill their churches, synagogues, and mosques. How can it be that after more than 2,000 Americans were killed in the name of Islam, the president doesn’t identify Islam as the enemy? On the contrary, since 9/11 the Western leaders have gone out of their way to explain to the west that Islam was not as fault. Just the other day President Obama, declared that there is nothing Islamic about the Islamic State. Really!? How exactly does he know? As of today the Islamic State enjoys various levels of support, in different countries, they are more popular in France than in Gaza. Does Obama know more about what Islamic or not than Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Israel and France?

Europe has done nothing to curb immigration from Muslim countries despite the fact that certain neighborhoods now have Sharia enforcement police. The governments of the West seem to be doing more to counter the concerned native citizens that organize to take a stand against the invaders than to try and curb the influence of Islamic doctrine being imbued in their society from within. And the Left of each country jumps to call anyone who opens his mouth a “racist”, “fascist”, and warn or the dangers of limiting the freedom of the radicals to destroy Western culture from within and without.

I am by no means saying that all Muslims are radical and committed to violently establishing an Islamic state, but they are as Brigitte Gabriel put it, irrelevant; or at least virtually irrelevant. My impression is that the Islamic world is divided into about 3 parts:

  1. The radicals, who are a sizable minority and the most powerful.
  2. The supporters of the radicals, they are personally not involved in violence, though they may be supporting the radicals materially
  3. The ones that don’t support or even oppose the radicals, but who knows how many there are? Since 9/11 we haven’t heard too much from them.

Instead of Muslim leaders in the West flooding their supporters into the streets to demonstrate, or even better urging them to enlist to fight the Islamists, they go on a campaign explaining to us that Islam is a religion of peace and that the world Islam translates into “peace” other languages. Both statements are lies. Islam means submission and that was exactly the way it spread out the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century, by the submission of the “Infidels” it encountered and that is what it has been doing ever since. The Muslims that are opposed to the radicals can make themselves relevant by collaborating with the West, either openly where it is safe to do so, or in secret where it would cost them their lives. This, unfortunately, has not taken place. Not in Europe and not in the U.S.

Unlike the West, radical Muslims have no illusions about who is right and wrong; who is evil and who is good. The West is the swine-eating, wine-drinking, fornicating spillers of innocent Muslim blood; the unholy union of the Crusaders and Jews. Christians, Jews, Yazidis, and Muslims with a different interpretation of Islam are heretics and must be put to the sword. They answer the West with such statements as, “What’s the difference between you and us? We kill with swords and machine guns and you do it from airplanes by pressing a button.” “What’s the difference between Hamas and Israel? “After all,” they tell us, “They both kill civilians!”

The West, including Israel, is much less sure of itself than the Islamists. Today one can find “smart folks” in universities, along with the working Joes who say, “You know, maybe they’re right. Maybe we’re no better than they are.” Or “If we fight them back, we’ll become just like them.”

We certainly didn’t turn into them after WWII after Nazi Germany was brought to its knees and Japan had two atomic bombs thrown on its cieites and both countries are better off today than they were then, with less territories and almost no armies to speak of.  While a lot of innocent people died in WWII, including innocent Germans and Japanese and in the U.S., Germans and Japanese were interned, these countries learned the lesson that “war doesn’t pay.” The Islamists have yet to learn this lesson. In the U.S. and Europe today, Muslim Brotherhood front organizations operate charities, advocacy groups, and student organizations on college campuses. Can you imagine Hitler youth on college campuses in the U.S. in 1944? Yet here we are in 2014 and that is essentially what is happening.

If the West is to bring radical Islam to its knees, or at least survive until the next century, we must have the same determination that our forefathers had then with the same moral clarity. We must shed the chains of moral relevancy and postmodern values. Until that happens, the only people making speeches that make any sense will be fictional characters.