When it comes to most political issues facing Israel, I’m a staunch opponent of the ultra-Orthodox parties. But when it comes to common sense, there’s little anyone can say against their pleas against the proposed Draft ultra orthodoxLaw. The law is not about the Charedim giving back to Israeli society. It’s about Yair Lapid’s and the Left’s complete lack of understanding of Jewish values and the Charedi way of life.

Populists like Yair Lapid will come and go, but Torah values will remain and will continue to blossom many years after he’s gone. As one of the protesters on Sunday pointed out, their spiritual leaders are well aware of the dilemmas facing their community. These are all 80-100 year old Torah scholars who’ve lived a life filled with moral clarity and good deeds. Our leaders? A bunch of 30-50 year old demagogues with a few Likud/Jewish Home MK’s such as Hotovelly, Shaked, Yogev, Uri Ariel, and our Prime Minister being rare exceptions to the rule. And then, there’s a real visionary like Moshe Feiglin supporting a professional army like the one in the United States. Moshe’s plan has been put on the back burner for now, but it remains a very plausible solution despite what the critics may claim.

What are the Charedim so up in arms about? They don’t want a blind law to draft everyone, whether they’re a full-time Torah scholar or a guy with no direction who just wants to live off the State to go into effect. I support the religious Zionist rabbis who came out in support of the rally. I commend the protesters for not getting out of hand and making the rally a show of unity rather than one of hatred. It doesn’t matter to me that I’m not Charedi. I stand with my brothers and sisters who realize the basic truth that Israel is a Jewish state that needs to incorporate both Torah study and army service.

And what if the army was to draft every single skinny, pale avrech or yeshiva bachur out there? Would anyone profit? Would the army become stronger? Would the yeshiva students gain anything in way of experience? The answer is a resounding “No!” I don’t want them to serve and they don’t want to serve.

Wishing everyone a good rest of the week and a happy Adar!