Another day, another vid-gone-viral brought to you by that one of a kind wonder lady, Orit Arfa!

Last week, Orit ascended Judaism’s holiest site, the Temple Mt. and recorded yet another hit. The Temple Mt., FYI is mentioned in passing in the Koran but is a place the “Palestinians” still have the audacity to claim as theirs.

The fact that in the Koran, Mohammad ascends to Heaven from this place and that this led the Muslims to construct the Al-Asqa Mosque on the same exact spot where both the First and Second Temples stood should be proof enough that Islam is a religion that’s either been misconstrued too many times to be taken seriously or is just a violent cult hell-bent on destroying Western civilization. Incidental that they would pluck our national narrative and make it theirs–then, blame us for ALL of the world’s problems?! Shouldn’t be for anyone with half a brain.

I had Orit give me an inside scoop on her new song. Here it is:

Me: What’s the original song this piece is based on and what provided the inspiration for you to film a video on the Temple Mt?

Orit: I actually thought of this parody when I heard Carly Simon speak at the ASCAP “I Create Music” Expo for songwriters in Los Angeles in 2012. She received an award for lifetime achievement from ASCAP, an organization that protects artists rights. Her father is Jewish, and I thought, our tribe has a tradition of great songwriters…why not apply that skill to empowering Israel? I think Hatikva is a depressing anthem. It’s about a passive emotion, hope, and it’s written in the pensive minor scale and not the triumphant major scale. I originally saw this as a “replacement” anthem. Carly’s song on which my parody is based, “Let the River Run” from the movie Working Girl, praises Jerusalem as the highest ideal towards which we aspire, one that empowers us. And what’s the most powerful, historic Jerusalem icon? The Temple.

Me: Why should Jews be allowed to pray on the Temple Mt?

Orit: Jews should be allowed to pray anywhere the F they want, let alone on the site of traditional and historical Jewish worship. It’s ridiculous that Jews get arrested for even just mouthing a prayer on the site. Shameful.

Me: What’s your favorite Temple Mt. moment?

Orit: The climb up the stairs to reach the top, of course!

*****Check out the mass of negative feedback on Orit’s video and you’ll start to understand just how deluded our good-natured, civil, kind neighbors are…and just to think of it: we provide them with health benefits they don’t get anywhere in the Arab world, we allow them to earn a decent living while their brothers and sisters are being massacred in Syria, we keep them around even though they’ve tried annihilating our little country over the past 66 years. Yeah, this is what we’re facing. Problem is, neither the fanatical left, nor the idiotic international community gets it.*****

Abd Al Rahman Hamdan

12 hours ago

HAHA this video is horrible , the singing and the lyrics are a complete disaster , anyways it’s really painful to see this Jew hooker dancing in front of our sacred Al-Aqsa , Hitler should have completed the job and burned them all alive , actually this it self proves that these pigs are not wanted anywhere , that’s why they got thrown at us after fleeing Hitlers wrath from all over Europe ,  and now we Arabs have to endure their shit and existence in the middle of our world , these Jew retards think that their religion binds them here lool , religion is not a nationality , you can be a Jew but belong to another country than Palestine , all of those who came from Europe fleeing Hitlers fire should be deported back to where they came from..
One day we will get our Palestine back and you will burn for every helpless child you killed .

…just a lil something something for our left wing brethren to tell their kids at before bed-time…