2015 featured some memorable stories. There was ISIS wreaking havoc across Syria, Iraq and extending its activities to France, Australia and the US, Donald Trump taking the GOP hostage with his populist rhetoric and empty, albeit somewhat accurate claims,  Seattle’s coaching gaffe in Superbowl XLIX, the Stanley Cup (yes, my hometown ‘Hawks captured their 3rd title in the last 6 years), World Series (maybe the Good Sox will win again–Cubbies won’t), Ronda Rousey losing her first UFC fight, the Mayweather-Pacquiao mega-fight and of course, the Iran Deal, orchestrated by none other than Chi-town native and arguably the most hated man on the planet, Barack Hussein Obamunist.

Courtesy: barrybradford.com

Courtesy: barrybradford.com

Here’s my list of the top 10 events from the year that’s soon to be behind us:

  1. Iran Deal: All Obama needed to do was stay put and watch Iran’s economy crumble so that the free world could dictate the terms of surrender. Instead, he went all out to meet all of Iran’s demands. This deal was 100% about money; 0% integrity/vision/good of the world. It seals Obama’s legacy as the worst president in U.S. history. American Jews: be very, very ashamed…
  2. ISIS victories in Syria and Iraq: while the world watched from the sidelines (and POTUS claimed victory), ISIS continued gaining ground and extending its reach to Yemen, Libya, Sudan and a conglomerate of European/American/Australian sleeper cells. Yes, this is a real and present danger. No, it’s not a bigger threat than Iran, the Islamic Republic. Not yet anyhow.
  3.  Mayweather defeats Pacquiao in fight of century: this was arguably the fight of the century and the most viewed PPV event of all time. 38-year old Mayweather secured a decision win over Philippines boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, assuring him of an undefeated career. Mayweather went on to fight and win another bout, albeit against a far over-matched opponent in Andre Berto before raising the curtain on one of the most illustrious careers in boxing history.
  4. Benjamin Netanyahu elected to record 4th term in office: on March 17th, 2015, Benjamin Netanyahu won his fourth election despite heavy American pressure. In doing so, he became the longest-serving Israeli Prime Minister. Coalition partners Bayit Yehudi, Shas, Kahlon’s Kulanu and United Torah Judaism ensured arguably the farthest right coalition in Israel’s history.
  5. Superbowl XLIX: Tom Brady’s Pats won for the Superbowl for the 4th time since 2002 securing the team’s and Brady’s place in the record books. With 20 seconds left in the game and Seattle with a second and goal on the Pats’ 1-yard line, Seattle coach Pete Carroll decided to go with a passing play that resulted in an unprobable interception to rookie corner Malcolm Butler and another New England Super Bowl victory.
  6. Turkey shoots down Russian jet: Turkish tough man Recep Tayyip Erdogan shot down a Russian jet on its way to a bombing mission in Syria. Turkey claimed the jet had strayed into Turkish territory, ignoring repeated warnings. Putin would have none of it, and as a result, sanctions and visa restrictions have been enforced straining already volatile relations between the two superpowers.
  7. Donald Trump shakes up GOP primary: While Hillary is a lock to get the Democratic nod, Trump has taken the GOP primaries hostage with his fiery rhetoric and impossible promises to deport illegals, build a wall across the US-Mexico border and prevent Muslims from immigrating to America.
  8. Nepal Earthquake:  On April 25th, 11:56 Nepal Standard Time a 7.8M earthquake flattened parts of the far East mountainous country of Nepal, killing at least 9,000, injuring an additional 23,000+ and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. Or Asaf, an Israeli hiker and IDF veteran was amongst the victims.
  9. Supreme Court approves same-sex marriage: in a monumental victory for the “proud” community, the US Supreme Court voted 5-4 to overturn previous rulings and legalize same-sex marriage in the U.S.
  10. …and the cherry on the cake: “Living with the Kardashians” reality star and former Olympic gold medalist, Bruce Jenner, underwent a sex change and became “Caitlyn” to the loud applause of the American public. This is my #10 but your average American’s overwhelming #1.

Happy New Year’s, free world! Let’s make 2016 better than 2015–maybe that includes a few actual victories over ISIS, a Republican in the White House (yes, I’ll take Trump over Hillary any day of the week), the demise of both Russia and Turkey, and who knows–maybe the coming of Moshiach and building of the Third Temple a few miles down the road….