Following a month of bloodshed in which Arab terrorists have run over pedestrians, gunned down a Temple Mt. activist at a political conference, stabbed people to

Bus for Arabs only in Jerusalem

Bus for Arabs only in Jerusalem

death and gone on shooting sprees in Israel’s capital, “Palestinian” civilians are leading more comfortable, safer lives than local Jews. It comes down to us being a generous people full of compassion for the “stranger amongst us.” We’ve yet to leave the confines of the European ghettos.

If you’re Jewish, you shouldn’t be surprised if lethal terrorists: people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds are taking up arms against you for the purpose of basking at Allah’s door alongside 72 olive-eyed virgins. However, if you come from the fictional ethnicity known as “Palestinians,” and profit from Israel’s abundant kindness (see: healthcare and public security benefits even for those citizens who support annihilating the Jewish State and drowning its Jewish population in the Mediterranean Sea), you have nothing to fear. You’re safe. Your brethren won’t touch you.

Not only that, but since the hanging suicide of a “Palestinian” bus driver, the local Arabs, who happen to make up the majority of Jerusalem’s drivers, are on a general strike. That means that while our nice, cuddly cousins get rides every five minutes to wherever their destination happens to be (whether it’s the next mass suicide bombing or just the assassination of a right wing leader whom no one really cares about anyway is of little issue), Jews whose grandparents perished in the Holocaust are stranded waiting for that amazing friendly Arab bus driver whom we just can’t get enough of (he’s an Arab and was born into worse conditions than we were so we should look up to him for taking it easy on us).

Why the Jewish people haven’t shed their ghetto mentality is beyond me. We’ve proven to our enemies and to the world around us that we can fight the Arabs and win on their terms. I’m pretty sure we can do it again so long as our government allows us to. Why do we continue acting as if we’re guests in our homes? Why can’t we fight to win (not fight to defend ourselves but fight to win the war) like our Arab neighbors do? Why are we so dependent on the world to tell us where we can and cannot build our houses? Do we need another Intifada to teach us that we can’t depend on the “Palestinians” for a peace deal and that we must act alone to ensure the safety of our citizens? How long will we walk the streets of Jerusalem fearing that at any moment we can get run over by a madman in the shape of a human being?

Perhaps Moshe Feiglin is right: We’re our own worst enemy. When our Prime Minister calls for a “Two-State Solution,” how can we expect the Europeans to not recognize a “Palestinian State?” It’s the only logical conclusion for them to draw from our self-inflicted defeatist policies; the same policies that Peres and Rabin betrayed the Jewish people with in the early 1990’s.

Perhaps when we lose our ghetto psyche, when Jews from all over the world make a conscious decision to return home, and when we finally take the fight to the enemy instead of being on the defensive, we can live a “free nation in our land.”