I’m an avid sports fan, so it goes without saying that I check in to the latest sports scores from the myriad of American leagues every morning when my hometown teams have finished up their daily ritual of flattening each others’ faces and satisfying their appetite for blood. Every time I tune into Yahoo or any other major online news source, I find what I’m looking for…along with at least 3-4 articles on Israel.

It’s not always politics. Sometimes, they even care about our culture and economy. Israel is featured so much on sites like Yahoo, you’d think it’s some kind of superpower with tentacles stretching into every corner of the Earth. The subject of Israel is broached more than Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and ISIS’s stampede through Iraq and Syria. This is the reason so many working-class Americans have increasingly negative views on Israel views and why the Chinese seem  to think there are 2 billion Jews in the world.

What’s the preoccupation with Israel? It would be easy to reduce it to age-old anti-Semitism, and who knows, maybe that’s the underlying reason for it after all, but perhaps there’s something more to it. Maybe it’s the world telling us that yes, we are, in fact, the Chosen People, “chosen” in that we have a greater responsibility before ourselves and society to do G-d’s bidding; that they’re paying attention to us and admire what we’ve been able to accomplish in 66 years while the countries around us have been busy murdering off segments of their own population.

When you see a disproportionate amount of Israel coverage in the media, remember that whether it’s positive or not, they care. More than they will care about the nations that have come and gone, disappearing into the twilight of history. More than the so-called “Palestinians,” who will be in the press so long as they’re fulfilling their national creed by murdering Jews, and who, like the ancient Persians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, and myriad of others will dissolve with time.

Be proud of our accomplishments when they cover us in the news because there’s a reason they’re doing it and anti-Semitism doesn’t cover the entire scope of it.