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Who’s Insane? www.jewishworldreview.com

There’s a long list of problems facing Israel right now. By far the two biggest are Iran and the “Palestinians.” While both emanate from the outside, neither would apply were it not for liberal Jews and the media they control (“anti-Semitic” claims that Jews control the media are true–we absolutely do, not that it actually serves our purpose. The opposite is the case, in fact).

I can name three separate occasions when the “Palestinian” question could have been solved were it not for Israel’s leftist elites. We could have done the only sensible thing and set in motion a population transfer in 1948 and again in 1967. Had it not been the anti-Semitic Left, we could have solved the “Palestinian” question in 2001 following the onset of the Second Intifada.

Were it not for Jewish Democrats aiding and abetting Obama at every turn–and 74% of American Jews voting to re-elect him in 2012, his quest to aid Iran and undermine Israel would not be coming to fruition before our eyes.

The concept that Jews can both rise to a very lofty level and sink to the deepest standard of impurity, like most, was explained in the Torah centuries before the “Palestinian” people came into existence–and yes, before Obama came to this world. The Jewish people were chosen from the Nations of the world to receive the Torah, thus becoming “G-d’s Nation, the Chosen People.” We were endowed with extra responsibility thanks to our innate sense of justice and ability to differentiate between “right” and “wrong.” This didn’t make us “better” than everyone else, but it did grant us greater potential–potential to do both good and bad.

Our intellectual prowess grants us, on both an individual and national level, a greater span of vertical movement. We can either surpass the Gentiles and improve on previously-existing standards, or fall so low no one can measure up to our wickedness. Liberal Jews, be they “nice” people or not, are hurting our national interests much more than Iran, the “Palestinians,” or Obama. Not because they’re “out to get us.” They’re not. They just have more potential to cause us harm than anyone else.