Last Friday, Channel 2 News aired parts of a candid interview Ilan Kfir and Danny Dor conducted with former Defense Secretary Ehud Barak as

Barak and Afrat frolick at Camp David as Clinton looks on:

Barak and Arafat frolic at Camp David as Clinton looks on:

part of a biographical series about his life called “Milhamot Chayai” (My Life’s Wars). It just so happens that Ehud Barak was caught red-handed (or perhaps deliberately) revealing that Israel was on the verge of attacking Iran on a number of occasions–the latest coming in 2010.

According to the radical left-wing Ha’aretz:

“Until the report on Channel 2 Friday night, no one in Iran knew that Israel had planned three times to attack its nuclear facilities, in 2010, 2011 and 2012. No one knew that the IDF didn’t have the operational capability in 2010. And no one dreamed that the basis for setting a date for a 2012 attack was the relationship with the United States, which makes us look like a ridiculous lackey. Now everyone knows.”

The report goes on to compare Barak to Moredechai Vanunu, perhaps the biggest traitor in Israel’s history. who leaked Israeli nuclear secrets to the British press in 1985 and served an 18 year-old prison term upon capture and return to Israel.

Barak’s political views are just as radical and anti-Israeli as Vanunu’s. This is the same man who was ushered into power on the heals of a Bill Clinton-funded campaign to unseat Netanyahu in 1999 when things were just starting to improve in post-Oslo Israel. While Barak’s tenure was short-lived, he managed to betray Israel’s staunchest ally in the Middle East, the South Lebanon Army and lead Israel into a period of systematic terror attacks at the hands of the “Palestinians.”

Barak’s first decision as Prime Minister was to orchestrate a chaotic, cowardly IDF withdrawal from Southern Lebanon in 2000. Six years later, Hezbollah punished Israel for its blind betrayal by launching the Second Lebanon War and inflicting untold economic damage coupled with more civilian and military casualties than any of the Gaza operations since 2006.

The only person capable of saving Barak, the ultimate chatterbox, from himself was non other than Yasser Arafat, who refused to accept Barak’s unprecedented peace offer that would have witnessed Israel withdraw from 93% of Judea and Samaria, leaving the Jewish State in serious danger. A year later, inspired by Israel’s willingness to give up on its own territorial claims, Arafat orchestrated the bloody Second Intifada. 1,100 Israelis were murdered and another 800 wounded as a direct result of Barak’s betrayal.

But Barak is legions beyond “just a traitor.” This is the man handpicked by Israel’s elites to lead the “final” assault on the “settler movement” and put a dagger in the heart of the Greater Israel movement. As Jerusalem Post’s Caroline Glick put it on Jan. 29th, 2010,

“On the one hand, we have Netanyahu, who is clearly focused on preventing another Holocaust of Jewry. But on the other hand, we have Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who on Tuesday claimed that the absence of peace with the Palestinians – not Iran – is the greatest threat that Israel faces today. As he put it, “The lack of defined boundaries within Israel, and not an Iranian bomb, is the greatest threat to our future.
Barak’s outrageous pronouncement is a succinct encapsulation of the great aspiration of the Israeli Left. If he could only be right, then Israel would be able to singlehandedly solve all the problems of the region and be immediately adored by the likes of the EU and the Obama administration just by making itself smaller.”
Following Barak’s latest betrayal, Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Lieberman referred to Barak as a “untrustworthy chatterbox.” Unfortunately, Lieberman is engaging in some very wishful thinking. Barak is much, much worse than just a big mouth.