Jobs aren’t always easy to come by and even harder to hold on to in today’s hyper-competitive work force. I know it–and you probably know it too.



While I’m fluent in three languages, have a BA along with superb content and marketing writing ability, and am working on my third book, (here’s a link to my 1st one in case you’re interested) employers haven’t shown overwhelming interest in paying me what I believe my talents are worth. And while my parents and grandparents held 2-3 different jobs their whole lives, today’s generation faces an entirely different set of obstacles.

If you’re in that in-between stage and are looking for a new career challenge while trying to stay afloat, (some people I know have a difficult time maintaining their sanity without a steady job) I highly suggest following at least a few of these suggestions. They’ve helped me so far.


1. Job or no job, get up early and maintain a healthy lifestyle: This is a proven technique for getting things done and reaching both career and personal objectives.

2. Be proactive: Don’t just pass the time, do the things that will get proven results. Get up early, get busy sending out resumes and brushing up on your skills, take on smaller projects even if they don’t pay as well, maybe write some blogposts or even a book of your own. Start doing something. Once you’ve started, things will pick up from there.

3. Do what you love doing: Not having a job is an opportunity to take that vacation you’ve been waiting to go on but never had the time for, read the book that’s escaped you so far, meet an old friend that’s been trying to schedule lunch with you or visit your elderly parents. The key is to do these things and not procrastinate because when you do get a job again, this time will be gone.

3. Put your best foot forward: You finally got that interview with the company you were dreaming of. Make it count! Perspective employers don’t want to hear about your problems–they want to make sure they’re getting the right person for the job. If you make yourself look and sound like 100 bucks, chances are you’ll get the position you were going for.

4. Put on a positive appearance–even if it’s hard: Appearance is everything when it comes to making an impression so make sure to pretend you’ve got it all under control no matter what. (This one is similar to #3). You never know who the guy sitting next to you at the bar is–perhaps it’s the CEO of your dream company! So be positive no matter what. It might just pay off!

5. Don’t blame others: this is one of the cardinal rules in life. Taking responsibility will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Don’t blame your spouse, your kids, parents, former boss, or lot in life for your shortcomings. Taking responsibility (even when you’re right in blaming someone else) will pay dividend in the long haul.

6. Work out: A steady diet of physical activity will keep your body going strong and your mind sharp. Even if you don’t want to feel good, your body will “tell” you everything is just fine.

7. Never give up! This is a major key in life. No matter what, don’t lose the hope that you’ll get through the hard times and come out stronger and better prepared to take on new challenges when it’s all said and done. Hardships are what molds our personalities and makes us real human beings worthy of eventually overcoming difficulties and succeeding in our careers, personal lives, and romantic relationships.