kotel at nightStill up,
More thoughts to drown out the brain noise,
More unexpected emotions to blend in with everything around,
Dark, chill Jerusalem night,
Moves in,
To claim another day,
It’s dark—not simply dim!
I want to tell the world about my life,
Want to share hidden secrets,

R’ Nachman’s tikkun hatzot:
The time for it has long passed,
Another squandered chance?
Or a newly-discovered opportunity for tshuva?
Whichever way,
I yearn sleep,

More people come and go,
Fall by the wayside of my life journey,
More girls met,
More dates cancelled,

Memories lost,
Memories don’t die—only we do!
Memories remain etched within us,

I’ll awaken to witness the sunrise above Backa,
Arabs used to live here,
Now, it’s our turn,
Oh, now I see—