A left-wing media outlet called “OneVoice” (note: this a project geared not towards cooperation between Jews belonging to different political/religous factions but one between Israeli and “Palestinian” youth who desire “peace” i.e. the elimation of Israel and the creation of the 23rd terrorist Arab state in its place), recently posted the following as part of an article on the latest Gazan “sulcha” between Israel and “Palestinian” youth (emphasis mine):

We cannot have 20 factions each trying to impose their vision on the people,” explained Masri. “We need national consensus on how to end the occupation and the conflict, and the only pragmatic solution is the two-state solution. We must come to terms with Israel to put Palestine back on the map.”

Imad al-Falouji, head of the Adam Center, joined Masri for the introductory session to the trainings, spoke about pursuing a non-violent political course to achieve an independent Palestinian state, based on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, and answered questions about the Fatah-Hamas split and the power of the grassroots to effect positive change.”

Personally, I just love how they make a mockery of all that’s holy to the Jewish people; what we’ve held dear through generations of suffering and persecution. We’ve returned to Israel, defeated an array of Arab armies, taken back what has always belonged to us, but our enemies are fighting us from within. They populate Israel’s college campuses, they live in the center, in Jerusalem, in Haifa, all over the place and they’d prefer our enemies to be well-off than their own brothers and sisters to live in peace.

I notices several interesting things about this spark of brilliance: they want to “come to terms with Israel” with the purpose of “put(ting) Palestine back on the map,” i.e. they want to do what Arafat was unable to accomplish vis-a-vis a decade of bloodshed. They want to appear as if they’re “humanitarians” trying to make peace with us, but in reality they’d like nothing less than to replace “Israel” with “Palestine.”

As far as the second paragraph in this neatly-written death sentence, they want a “non-violent…way to achieve a Palestinian state, based on ’67 borders with E. J’lem as…capital…” They also want to unite between the warring Hamas and Fatah.

I mean, what could be better!? Unity between terrorists hell-bent on procuring a rendezvous with 72 virgins up above and our losing control of our holiest city (make no mistake about it: Eastern J’lem means absolutely nothing to Muslims. They want it to spite us–not to make life easier for them and a majority of “Palestinians” would prefer Israeli rule in the “West Bank,” Eastern Jerusalem and Gaza to the creation of a Greater Hamanistan.

I wonder: will anything make the left wing come to terms with the fact that Palestinian leadership isn’t interested in “peace” or will they continue their suicidal path? As a sidenote, I found this on Imad al-Falouji, who’s recently turned into a “peace activist:”