This is a song I wrote and posted on Youtube about a year ago. In it, I talk about that “perfect” woman whom I’m sure I’ll meet and fall in love with someday. Does she have to be “perfect?” Will this actually happen? I really don’t know the answer to these questions. What I do know is that I’m on a quest: a quest for that “perfect” job, that “perfect” lifestyle, that “perfect” woman whom I’ve been dreaming about night and day.

Life is certainly a challenge. It’s a challenge that’s worth it and that we must take on full speed. We must battle it out every day that we’re here on this earth. It’s supposed to be a challenge. It’s not supposed to be easy, but we have what it takes to persevere and make this world a better place while doing reaching our goals. We’re bound with a number of challenges the very first day of our lives. The question is: will we live up to these challenges or not?

Wishing all of you a shavua tov from Jerusalem, capital of the world! May your life take you where it’s supposed to take you and may you find that “perfect” job, that “perfect” lifestyle, and that “perfect” woman–if you haven’t found her yet. She’s waiting for you patiently. I think Eminem says it best: (Will you) capture the moment or let it slip?