The Kaisler family home in Kida, Binyamin was savagely destroyed (see vid. below) by the Civil Administration. This was a “Price Tag” act much worse than most “Price Tag” felonies carried out by Jewish youngsters zealous to avenge their people’s pain and sorrow. More than 300 soldiers were on hand to make sure the destruction went according to plan. This “project” will cost us, the taxpayers, hundreds of thousands of sheckels.

When Sagi Kaisler’s wife arrived on the scene she was manhandled by our “brave” soldiers who ended up hurting her arm. Note: many of the Yassamnikim (the “Yassam” is a special army unit dedicated to destroying Jewish property and arresting G-d fearing Jews) are not Jewish). They are either Bedouins or Russians with no Jewish background and are serving to earn some extra money and get an opportunity to hurt Jews.

While the “Price Tag” attacks committed by kids from a small number of yeshuvim have not added up to any significant permanent damage to private property and no deaths, the “Price Tags” carried out by army forces and local Arabs–who seem to be cooperating at times–have ended in the spilling of Jewish blood and millions of sheckels in damage.

Makor Rishon reported on Friday that it was apparent that someone in the Civil Administration “has it in” for Kaisler. According to Arutz-7, “‘The “Joint Headquarters of the Right’ – a coalition of activist groups – noted that several weeks ago Kaisler was among a number of activists who distributed leaflets near the home of the Chief Inspector of the Civil Administration, in Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi.”

While I was not on hand to disrupt the cowardly Yassam forces from carrying out the carnage, I’d like to help the Kaisler family re-build a new house. If any of you know how the Kaisler’s can be reached in order to send them donations, please let me know. I want to organize a fund to collect money for rebuilding Jewish property that has been either destroyed by the IDF or damaged/stolen/destroyed by Arabs. If anyone has any ideas on how to do this, please contact me. Thank you and may we merit to see new Jewish homes built everywhere in our beloved homeland!