I posted last about a week ago. It’s been a busy time since then. I found some work, and it’s been pretty good. There are things that bother me to no end like PA Head, Fayyad and US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton visiting in Jerusalem (heads up to Josh Hasten for posting about this on FB).

Hillary’s husband, Bill, was key in forcing Rabin’s hand at Oslo and propelling Bibi out of office in the ’98 elections when the self-hating Ehud Barak was elected. Despite his close ties to Jewish groups, Bill has caused more damage to Israel than any other American president (Obama included). Hillary’s achievements include serving under an anti-Semitic president. As for Fayyad, it’s all too simple. The guy’s a terrorist responsible for thousands of Jewish casualties.

Why does the clearly right wing Israeli government (arguably the most right wing government ever even with Kadima on board) continue appeasing murderers and dictators (Putin visited here last month)? Why do we allow any world dignitary who wants to visit into Israel? I don’t get it. I’m sick of posting about these things and coming up with empty answers whereas I have no idea why things take place. Maybe you have some ideas….

From Jerusalem,

Eitan Divinsky