I won’t be voting in the upcoming American elections due to technical difficulties with my absantee vote, but I know whom I’d vote for if I were. Romney impressed me very much with his presence of mind in the recent presidential debates. I’m convinced he outdueled Obama with his intelligence and common sense, but I’d vote for him even if he lost the debates.

Obama has been a complete and utter failure as far as both the economy and foreign policy are concerned. He’s given Americans ample reason to doubt his good intentions and even more reason to vote against him. He’s come up short on promises to reduce unemployment and create a more stable economy.

He’s also made the world a more dangerous place during his presidency. Nato/American involvement in Lybia and America’s lack of action in Egypt have led to increased instability in the Middle East.

I believe voting Romney for President is an easy choice. The fact that a majority of Jews will again be voting for Obama greatly angers me. We are a “stiff-necked” people who refuse to learn from history. I wonder what it will take to teach us a lesson. A worsening in US-Israel relations? More suffering for Jonathan Pollard? A lack of credible action with regards to the Iranian nuclear program?

I urge my fellow Jews to vote “Republican” in this year’s elections. We’ve gotten far too accustomed to voting Democrat. Yes, it was the Democrats who helped end segregation and improve race relations in America. It was also the Democrats who created a wellfare state in America. They’ve treated Israel as an inobedient child who refuses to give in to selfish American demands, and are responsible for Iran being able to do just about whatever it’s felt like doing. Obama is a perfect example of the Democrats’ inability to change anything for the better.

Change? It’s only been the negative type. Hopefully, the American people will elect a president who wants to change America and the world for the better instead of following the advice of the Reverand Wright’s and the Jesse Jackson’s of the world.