Arutz-7 reported last week that: “(The PA) ambassador to India says Fatah does not recognize Israel anymore than Hamas.” The report continues: “In an article he wrote in the official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, on November 26, Sadeq admitted that Fatah does not respect Israel anymore than Hamas does, and that moreover, the PA and Fatah utterly reject that Israel has any right to exist.”

While Hamas has made its plans to exterminate Israel and the Jewish People abundantly clear, Fatah been taken an alternate route towards the same goal. The “Palestinians” would prefer to see Hamas in a leadership role. They voted them in in Gaza and if Israel were to relax its support in favor of the Fatah in Judea and Samaria, the Hamas would be ushered in as the new de facto leader there.

It seems that Hamas is better for the “Palestinians” in that it’s less corrupt than Fatah. As far as which would serve their political purposes the best, Fatah definitely fits the profile. It’s a terrorist organization with the stated goal of destroying Israel and creating a terrorist state in its place. It continues carrying out terrorist attacks while claiming to want to pursue dialogue with our leaders. The fact that it’s gained international recognition helps allows it to keep murdering Jews with little if any repercussions.

Fatah boasts the support of liberal Jews and many Israeli Arabs while Hamas is seen as the more militant of the two. In fact, Fatah is the less religious one but just as militant as Hamas. It’s dedicated to destroying Israel. Israeli leaders should begin paying more heed to Fatah. We should allow Hamas to take over in Judea and Samaria. If the “Palestinians” want to see Hamas in power, so be it!

Israeli leadership started out supporting Hamas; it even fouded it according to some sources. The purpose of this endeavor was to create friction amongst “Palestinian” extremists, thus flaming the fires of internal friction. The experiment failed and we’ve been left to deal with another terrorist faction. The many attempts at ceasefire and reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah are a show created for the consumption of the West. In fact, Hamas demanded–and was granted the release of Fatah terrorists alngside its own hoodlums. What it boils down is which faction is better equipped to fight Israel. In my opinion, Fatah is the more dangerous of the two because of the factors mentioned above: its appeal amongst liberal intellectuals in Israel and the West, the support Israel’s government has alotted it, and the fact that Fatah is worse for the “Palestinians”: in other words, what helps our enemies hurts us.