I’ve been using Facebook since 2005 and while over the initial seven-eight years of being hooked on the Father/Son/Holy Spirit combo of Social Media, I gathered no more than 700 Friends, I’m currently at 1,308. Why it’s good to have many FB friends is a separate topic but let’s just say it has to do with influencing as many people as possible with what you have to say. I want to focus on what has helped me connect with more people and gain positive traction in this period of time; kind of an extremely short “How to Win Friends and Influence People” in the form of my top 5 FB Do’s and Don’ts.

Top 5 FB Don’ts:

1. Don’t send friend requests to people whom you don’t have at least 2-3 common friends with and whom you don’t know in real life. You might get blocked from Facebook if you send more than 50 friend requests/day.

2. Don’t post rude/racist/sexist/in any way inappropriate comments/posts/messages. This includes claims of wanting to assassinate a world leader/suicidal fantasies.

3. Don’t spam (this covers some of the points listed above but also includes other inappropriate FB behavior such as: pretending to be someone you’re not, repeatedly making the same point in a FB discussion/forum, trying to market a blog post or product on a page that explicitly asks not to do so, etc, tagging all your FB friends in a random post, etc…).

4. Don’t post provocative/inappropriate/nude pic’s/memes of yourself, your significant other, or President Obama.

5. Don’t get into awkward situations with random people. (See: like the last time you sent the same message x 20 to that insanely gorgeous girl on the other side of the globe).

Top 5 FB Do’s:

1. Post happy/funny/positive messages that will evoke positive reactions from a large amount of your FB Friends.

2. Make your FB posts short, clear and to the point. This way, next time you post a long, thought-provoking post, people will listen.

3. Forgive your friends when they don’t answer you right away/come off as rude or thoughtless. FB is social media–not real life.

4. Post sparingly (not more than once or twice/day). This also improves your chances of getting noticed when the time comes for something really spicy.

5. Make sure to thank your audience and keep them involved.