I’ve set out on a new journey. My goals are clear: make it back to Israel, get a job, get married and lead a normal life. I don’t want to be overly involved in politics but the topic of my posts here will be just that: I will set out to form a concrete theory on how the State of Israel should be governed, how our government should deal with outside pressure, how it should address issues of state and religion and vise versa. 

I don’t want to create friction with people and organizations I’ve come in conflict with in the past. I am very outspoken, however, and will continue to speak my mind. If you don’t like that, let me know in a civil manner. I appreciate discussion: not bickering and ranting.

Some of you are familiar with me, while to others, I’m a brand new voice in the vast ocean that is the blogosphere. I’m here to make new friends and avoid confrontation. I will not tolerate personal attacks against myself or any of my visitors.

I invite all those who support the State of Israel and its Jewish character to join me as I try to make it back to the country of my ancestors. I think that the way to go for Jews living in the diaspora is Aliya. While I myself have come and gone (from Israel), I realize that I’m prone to making mistakes and that any Jew’s ultimate goal should be to live in Israel. Whether Moshiach is here or not, we need to make Aliya one of-if not the-main concerns in our lives.