So many memories, so many yearnings,
So much past, so much desire to return,
I give you this much, Skokie,
You’re one crazy big part of me!

When we first moved there,
It was a pleasant suburb,
A place to grow, to mature,
When I left you, Skokie,
Hey, I still feel your alure.

I’m here in Jerusalem,
The holiest place under the heavens.
But Skokie’s anther place I call “home,”
And it probably always will be.

I sing your praises in good and stormy weather,
Hoping to see you soon,
I always love it when we’re together,
And next time ’round, I’ll bring back a brand new tune.

Every time,
We’re reunited,
It feels like I’ve never left you.
Always miss you,
I need to get some tissue,
I’m so embarassed I need to cry.

I’d love to kiss you,
I definitely have some issues
If the town I’m from makes me so sore.

-Eitan Divinsky.