The Land lay still,
As if in a summer night’s dream,
Its shallow valleys,
Could not be seen,

For years it tried,
And tried again,
To gather strength,
To understand.

What folley had it undertaken?
Why were its people dying?
How had it happened so quickly?
Had G-d’s presense left it?
Had it been forsaken?

When it remembered,
It suddenly awoke,
He stretched out his hand and spoke:

“Give me another chance,”
“Don’t let the hope whither,”
“We can overcome all obstacles together,”
“This life…”
“It can be great,”
“Just you and I,”
“Give me another chance”
“Together we will try…”

She hearkened to his words as he drew near,
She wanted to hear more,
She wanted him to be clear:
What did this strange man want?
How many others just like him were here?
What was to happen now?
Would all her children reappear?

“I know,” he said,
“It can be done but there will be a lot of suffering,”
“A lot of pain,”
“And yet the roadworks shall be cleared”
“And we shall know it was not in vain,”
“New orchards shall be planted,”
“The swamps shall yet be dried,”
“We shall hear children’s laughter,”
“Our chests shall swell with pride.”
“We will be one people,”
“Reunited with our Land,”
“Our leaders will be strong,”
“We shall build cities where there was once just dunes and sands.”