While a follower of the teachings of R’ Meir Kahane (H”YD), I’ve never been drawn to the crowd mentality and the things the Rabbi’s followers preach.

Rav Kahane preached Jewish pride and self determination as prescribed by the Torah. He wanted Jewish in the Diaspora to feel an inextricable connection to the Land of Israel and be able to fend for themselves. He supported Soviet Jewry and our efforts to flee the USSR. His positions were iron-clad. He resisted the impulse to move away from Torah doctrine even when his life was in jeopardy.

The Rabbi did not preach murdering Arabs. His movement has been condemned by the international community and while the Gentiles also condemn most pro-Israel causes they have reason to condemn Kach in its present state. R’ Kahane’s followers were never under his control. Many of these people joined Kach for the long reasons. Many were frustrated by the Israeli government. In Kach, they found an outlet for their anger. Many had relatives or friends murdered by Arabs.

These are good Jews. The problem with them is that they’re hurting the Jewish People’s struggle for a Greater Israel. They openly call on others to harm Arabs. I don’t know if there have actually been any attempts to do this, but based on the way the Shin Bet has pursued these activists, there have been and this is extremely unfortunate. It’s not the Jewish way.

This brings me to the point I’ve wanted to make for some time now. The call “Death to the Arabs; Kahane was right!” doesn’t make sense. Kahane didn’t call on his followers to murder Arabs. In fact, while wanting them to leave Israel, he respected them and their national aspirations.

This piece is many years late in coming. By now, Kach is completely irrelevant. The Rabbi’s followers have withdrawn to the periphery. They are limited in scope and resources. The movement is stagnant. And illegal. Why? Maybe the Rabbi went too far towards the end of his life, but I think the real reason is that those who claim to follow his teachings are serving their own purposes. In the meantime, those who follow Torah Judaism and hope to create a truly Jewish Israel can be found in the Likud (especially Manhigut Yehudit), the NU and Ha’tikva.