My go-to local media source, Arutz-7, reported today that an Arab terrorist in Ramle tried to set aflame a Jewish family working for the “Garin Ha’torani”, “The Torah Center”, a national outreach group that  spreads Judaism, and the love for the Land and People of Israel to all reaches of the country.

The story may be found here: Ramle Terrorist Tries to Burn Family Alive. The case for a death penalty in Israel, one supported by FM Avigdor Lieberman and some MK’s from the Likud, is one that needs not be taken lightly in lieu of heineous terrorist acts such as the murders of the Fogel family of Itomar–not to mention terrorist attacks that take place on a weekly basis.

The argument in favor of a death penalty is that it would force potential terrorists to fear the repurcusions of being apprehended and brought to trial. To be certain, a terrorist’s detainment would, in a majority of cases, end up in his/her execution.

I’m absolutely convinced this is the right way to go–whether in Israel, America, or Europe (in Russia, most criminals no matter what their crime are assured such an end. Russia’s crime enforcement is to be questioned and is inefficient to say the least, but the Russian government excels in cruelty which may at times, be a useful lesson for Israel and the West). By being kind to the wicked, we’re being cruel to those who deserve our kindness.

Our inability to act causes me anger. Moreover, I’m puzzled by Israel’s lack of conviction in dealing adequately with Palestinian violence since the signing of Oslo. I believe that had someone such as Moshe Feiglin or Avigdor Lieberman been elected instead of Rabin or Peres, thousands of Jewish lives would have been saved on both sides of the coflict.

To be sure, the Palestinians would also support a strong Israel more than they do the current government which has created an image of not being comitted to any issue whatsoever. I respect Bibi, but his union governement featuring Mofaz and Barak is a weak one. It sorely misses people like Feiglin and “Katzale.” The Ulpana debacle is just one example of this.

The case for a death penalty grows with every terrorist act. When will the authorities heed the pain of the People? When will they wake from their slumber?