H/T: Max Stesel

Israel’s survival and popularity, inverse relationship

When political analysts warn that certain policies of Israeli government may lead to international isolation of Israel, please keep French president Nicholas Sarkozy (see below) in mind. This ‘friend’ of Israel and the Jewish people, and a leader of one of the most developed Western democracies denies Israel’s identity as Jewish homeland, and thereby rejects any historic rights of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel. If this is a position of a respected right-of-center leader of an enlightened Western democracy, one can only imagine how the tyrants and dictators ruling vast majority of the countries represented in the U.N. view Israel.

There is one way Israel can successfully escape international isolation, the same way the Jewry can escape anti-semitism – cease to exist. In light of that, when you hear that a certain step by Israel’s government elicits world’s irritation or indignation, be happy Israel is doing something right. And if you hear that the world is applauding Israeli leaders’ policies, know that Israel’s safety and very survival is being gambled with.