Any parent knows the fear of a young child wandering off and getting lost, which can happen in a split second.

Kids on the Move

Kids on the Move
by Gayla Goodman

Forever etched in my memory is the panic I experienced  while shopping at Macy’s and realizing that my 4-year old son was not standing next to me. With thoughts racing and heart pounding, I ran to the nearby exit doors to scan the parking lot, and then back inside to alert security. After 10 very long minutes of searching, we found him sleeping peacefully under a shelf of linens, not three meters from where he went missing.

Tracking Youngsters

When Daniel Ivesha lost track of his niece for a period of four minutes in the midst of a large crowd, he understood the helpless feeling and knew it was time for a solution. Along with Gil Mendelson, he co-founded HereO, an Israeli high-tech company that is producing a very small but extremely colorful GPS device for young children. The gadget, which is aimed at the three to eight year old market, is a plastic watch that can be strapped to the wrists of tiny tots. It is rough, tough and water resistant and can endure whatever heavy play a youngster puts it through.

Locating Your Kids

The watch is connected to a web and mobile app, which lets parents safeguard their children by knowing where they are at any given moment. They can set up virtual fences around areas with notifications of when the child steps out of those boundaries. With instant alerts, parents or guardians can respond immediately, in those first crucial moments.  The watch will come loaded with HereO’s “family location app,” which sends out real-time alerts regarding location as well as emergency notifications if the watch is removed. A family “messaging service” can also be enabled, allowing alerts to be sent out to other members of the family, which includes a set of directions leading to the young child’s real-time location. Additional features include a panic button and a SIM card that can be used instead of GPS.

This child protection watch is still under development, but is scheduled to go on the retail market this summer.