When will I find you, the one I’m looking for?
What does this world
Full of wicked deeds and evil thoughts but also good
Hold in store?

Why have I come so far just to find a lack of you?
Why does this universe so deeply righteous in its very nature
Yell out the names of those stricken
Are all the stories true?

What am I to do and where am I to search when I don’t know where to start?
Why are we so very far apart?
Why so many questions yet no answers appear in this world of mine?
Is this really our world or is it just
All a matter of time?
Before our world disappears, we lose our way
In this hard, difficult reality
Oh dear G-d, to You I pray!

Please guard and keep me
Grant me the wisdom to know good from bad
Let me grow and blossom
It’s not death I dread
Rather it’s not finding you I can’t stand not being able to fulfill
Dear G-d, I send another prayer your way
As the world stands still.