I like Bibi, I really do. I like Feiglin and the rest of the gang, especially now that Moshe has a very realistic chance of getting into the Knesset. It’s just that I like Naftali Bennett more, that’s all!

The Israeli public got a first-hand impression of Bennett’s leadership skills during Operation Pillar of Cloud (Biblical references are becomming all the rage here as more and more people are coming home to Judaism), when he resisted the urge to blame the situation on Bibi; instead promoting Israel’s right to defend herself, traveling to the South, and holding multiple press-conferences where he reiterated our right to self-defense and self-determination. And I thought I’d finally vote for the Likud…

Well, well, it wasn’t to be. I knew I’d be voting for Bennett when a friend I’d recently made, someone who worked on Feiglin’s campaign told me to vote for the Jewish Home in order to pressure Bibi towards the right. Then, another friend of mine, a long-time Likudnik, with a great understanding of Israeli politics and a passion for the State of Israel and all it stands for told me he “wasn’t sure” of how to vote. He was wavering between Likud Beitenu and Ha’bayit Ha’yehudi.

I hate to use cliches, but I think it’s pretty clear that by now, “the writing’s on the wall.” The Jewish Home will probably become the 3rd biggest party in Israel, and I want to be there when the next political revolution hits Israel. Hey, the Arabs are having a good time; why can’t we have some fun too!? I know, I know, they’re killing hundreds of each other every day, but that’s the Arabs. As far as we’re concerned, a new party is taking over and I’ll be there for the ride!

Reporting from Jerusalem, capital of the world, and wishing all of k’lal Yisrael a Shabbat shalom,

This here proud Bennett supporter (you’ve got one more!)