Article by Max Stesel
With the Jewish holiday season over, it is time to turn our focus to the tragic and troubling reality that has been swelling within the Jewish nation over decades and has come to a boiling point over the past week.
The State of Israel, for most of the Jewish people has been the greatest gift our nation has merited in the past two millennia. After being butchered, and persecuted across Europe, Near East and North Africa, the Jewish people were finally given opportunity to defend themselves from their murderous enemies, and institutions that are supposed to provide for safety and security for millions of Jews living in their ancestral lands.
Over the past twenty years Israeli leadership (from across its political spectrum) had continually gambled with lives and security of its citizens in pursuit of elusive peace, while their enemies had spread terror and destruction in their consistent pursuit of victory and elimination of the Jewish state, which they never stopped seeing as foreign cancer in their midst. As result of consistent security compromise and softness Israel today have missiles that occasionally fly in from Gaza, more missiles that are pointed at them by non-state players from Lebanon and is surrounded by terrorist safe havens on their eastern and eastern flanks within 10-20 miles drive or less from most major Israeli cities.

Israel’s commitment to to safety and security of its citizens hit the new low over the past Sukkot, as dozens of Arab murderers were sent to freedom as result of Shalit deal. I lack proper insight to judge weather it is right to release over 1,000 terrorists including dozens of convicted murders for one imprisoned Jewish soldier. That is not the point. The point is no terrorist who either killed Jews or planned killing Jews should be alive much longer after being convicted for the crime. Israel’s lack of death penalty for terrorists is a crime against its citizens.

It is incredibly sad to see that 60 years after finding the state of Israel the blood of Jews is almost as cheap as it was in any period of Jewish exile. It is even sadder to see Israelis continually elect governments that fail to provide for their basic safety (it is not normal to have major cities under missile bombardment and it was not Israeli reality for most of its history).
With this essay and perhaps future entries I call the Jews of the world to action. Weather we make the lofty choice of living in our ancestral land, we can no longer stay silent regarding the foolishness and disregard for human life taking place there.
As Jews we are proud that we sanctify life. To sanctify life does not only mean only releasing 1,000 terrorists for one captive soldier. It also means executing terrorists with blood on their hands (after due process, if possible) so that they won’t continue murder or inspire other criminals and to make it clear that Jewish blood is not cheaper. Since early 90s we have watched our brothers and sisters being brought as sacrifices on the altars of liberalism and diplomatic initiative. 
It is time to scream out to our brothers in Israel. It is time to protest the actions of Israeli government (in constructive manner). Stop being the Country of Fools! You are not in the heart of Europe! Your liberal institutions (read Supreme Court at their forefront) and irresponsible political dreamers had already exacted a high price in lives and suffering. Enough is enough.

Below is the list of monsters which any country which truly sanctifies human life would have send to the next world long time ago instead of being forced to let go to freedom.

· Aad Abu Sharah (19 life sentences), Majdi Amro (19 life sentences) and Fadi Muhammad al-Jabaa[44] (18 life sentences) – responsible for the attack on bus No. 37 in Haifa in 2002.
· Abdel Aziz Salha – participant in the 2000 Ramallah lynching who was iconically photographed displaying his blood-stained hands to the Palestinian mob after having beaten an Israeli soldier to death.[44]
· Abdel Hadi Ghneim – the surviving perpetrator of the Tel Aviv Jerusalem bus 405 suicide attack in which Ghneim seized the steering wheel of a crowded Egged commuter bus line No. 405 and managed to pull the bus into a ravine in the area of Qiryat Ye’arim. 16 civilians were killed in the attack.[45]
· Abed Amro – took part in the execution of the Café Hillel bombing (2003).[46]
· Ahmed Mustafa al-Najar – led a militant squad that killed 3 Israelis in shootings attacks.[44]
· Amana Mouna – lured over the internet the 16-year-old Israeli high school student Ofir Rahum, pretending to be a young American tourist, managed to drive him to a remote area in the outskirts of Ramallah where three Palestinian gunmen showed up and shot Rahum at close range.[47]
· Amar Sarhan – killed three Israelis with a knife in 1990.[46]
· Bassam Abu Sneina and Riyad Asila – murdered the yeshiva student Chaim Kerman.[48]
· Fahad Schludi – took part in the kidnapping and murder of the Israeli soldier Yaron Chen.[48]
· Farouk Aramin – murdered 15-year-old Israeli schoolgirl Helena Rapp in 1992.[49]
· Husam Badran – the former head of Hamas’ military wing in the West Bank, who orchestrated the Dolphinarium discotheque suicide bombing (2001), Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing (2001) and in the Passover massacre (2002).[48]
· Ibrahim Shamasneh – took part in the murder of the boys Ronen Kramni and Lior Tuboul, the taxi driver Rafi Doron and the soldier Yehushua Friedberg.
· Idris Rajabi – carried out attacks in which 22 Israelis died.[46]
· Jihad Yaghmur – took part in the murder of Nachshon Waxman. Originally sentenced to life imprisonment.[45]
· Mohammed Aton, Moussa Akawi and Majed Abu Katish – militants that murdered the Israeli policeman Nissim Toledano in 1992.[50]
· Muhammad Douglas – took part in the execution of the Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing in Jerusalem (2001).[48]
· Muhammad Jose – responsible for the murder of the three Dickstein family members and the Israeli soldier Eliezer Lebowitz.[46]
· Muhammad Karem – directly involved in the planning and execution of a bus attack in Haifa in which 15 Israelis were killed.[46]
· Mohammed Youssef al-Sharatha – head of the militant squad that kidnapped and murdered the Israeli soldiers Ilan Saadon and Avi Sasportas during the first intifada. Originally sentenced to three consecutive life sentences.[45]
· Mohamed (Nihad) Zakout – Tel Aviv construction worker who stabbed three Israelis, murdering two, on the holiday of Purim, March 21, 1989.[51][52]
· Nasser Yataima – convicted of planning the Passover massacre (2002) in which 30 civilians were killed and 140 were wounded.[44]
· Tamimi Ahlam – Assisted in the execution of the Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing (2001).[44][47]
· Tariq Hassin – carried out the shooting attack on Highway 6 in June 2003, in which the 7-year-old girl Noam Leibowitz was killed.[48]
· Walid Anajas – took part in the execution of the Café Moment bombing (2002), the Hebrew University bombing (2002) and the Rishon LeZion bombing (2002). Originally sentenced to 26 consecutive life sentences.[44]
· Yehiye al-Sinwar – took part in the kidnapping and murder of Nachshon Wachsman. Founder of the Hamas security apparatus in Gaza. His brother organized of the abduction of Gilad Shalit in 2006. Originally sentenced to four life sentences.[45]