When right wing Jewish political parties are banned from the Knesset by liberal Israeli governments, when all of Europe is crying because a young, innexperienced Israeli soldier head-butts an Arab who’s not even supposed to be in a military zone in Hevron and because the army makes a few soft-handed arrests here and there, when the world is blind, we need to fight back and strike where it hurts most. Arab parties should–no, must be banned from the Knesset.

Today, MSN Israel News reported that MK Zuabi blamed Israel for the Burgas bombing and claimed that the Munich Massacre of 1976 was Israel’s fault as well. Of course! What more can be expected of a terrorist wannabe mascarading as an open-minded intellectual (the majority of Political Science staff at Tel-Aviv University would agree with her)!? Zuabi should be arrested for incitement along with the rest of the Arab MK’s in the Knesset. There’s absolutely no reason I can think of this should not happen.

But the Supreme Court will block any incentive to ban Arab parties, siting these as “racist.”  The Supreme Court here is a trojan horse, a cancer that continues coming back like an undesired ex-girlfriend. Moshe Feiglin has long been battling the Supreme Court because he realizes that with it dictating to the government, nothing can be done. Literally nothing. There will simply be no real progress made until the Supreme Court has either ceased to exist, or is stripped of its choke-hold on Israeli real politik.

Zuabi, Tibi and the crew are using the Knesset as a podium to voice their rabid anti-Semitism. Their words and actions shouldn’t go unnoticed. The Palestinians are noticing their elected leaders calls to annihilate us, and are heading these. Why shouldn’t we notice when our land and the country that signals the beginning of the Redemption of the entire world is in danger?
Finally a quote: “We left Minsk and we left Pinsk and we came back to Minsk and we came back to Pinsk.”

May we know only good times, good deeds, and may we merit the Redemption soon in our day! Have a meaningful fast and may the Temple be rebuilt ASAP!