He tried and tried,
He tried in vain,
The constant worry drove him insane.
He tried to stay,
To stay strong,
He knew the writing was there,
All along.

It was a difficult winter,
Hard, cold, freezing snow,
He didn’t know where to go.
He called her,
He said that he was ready,
She was confused, tired, and unsteady.

In a European capital they felt like strays
In winter’s midst, they parted ways,
Bickering, fighting,
They felt like strangers,
They would continue–
To fall, to rise, to overcome all dangers.

And fall he did,
Fall to vice,
He prayed to G-d he wouldn’t fall twice.
He got back up,
Got back on track,
Clawing, clinging,
Trying so hard, not looking back.

Today, he’s in a capital of a different land,
His face, his body covered by sand,
He is a desert onto himself
But he stands tall,
He thinks, he ponders life, the world–
Is there not more of his story to be told?

He sits and waits,
For what–he knows not.
He knows there should be more,
But what’s he got?
He stares into space, appears dry,
His thoughts are focused on days gone by.

A song for ages, for times past,
He knows he must stay strong,
Never to rest,
He must continue,
And help others too,
He also knows he must stay true.

How many words?
How many vowels?
He says them all and feels his bowels,
Are weak, are falling
What’s going on?
How many more things to say till it’s dawn?

No amount of words,
About love, belief in G-d, the world,
No matter how much he says,
He won’t hit gold.
He must apply,
Apply, learn, and be,
And then they’ll wander,
And then they’ll see.

He’ll meet her in some way,
In person or through a dream,
He’ll ask her “See where we’ve been?”
“How much we’ve done, how much we’ve cried,”
“I see you’ve changed!”
“I see you’ve tried!”

He wanders high and wide,
Meets people, smiles at them,
He knows much has changed,
He does all that he can,
To live the dream,
To be himself,
In good, in bad, in sickness, and in health.