I’m staying up late here in J-town (when I was living in Tel-Aviv, I called it “Telli,” so now I’m living in “J-town”), and for some odd reason, I’m not as focused on the parsha (Chayei Sarah), the elections, the array of problems on my hands (life is great mind you!), or anything “important” for that matter.

Yes, I’ve become very involved with Torah-study lately, I’ve had people promise to pay me for a variety of translation jobs and not come up with the funds in a timely manner, I’m a pretty hard-core Republican, and yet all this seems rather banal compared to something I just read:

Fatalistic childhood

As kids, everything is so fatalistic. Remember it when your parents first moved cities? You thought you’d never find such good friends you used to have anywhere else in the world. Then you went through an army of new cities, friends, lovers and life became a joke.
Except it didn’t.

When I’m thinking about things I really appreciate, such as a learning a new language, dancing Tango, improvising, writing decent prose, becoming a half-researcher, raising an avocado plant to bear fruit, finding a partner for life, raising a child …. life’s so fucking short. It’s almost like you have 1 or 2 shots at it.


This comes to you straight out of Lev’s cookingpan. Now, even though I don’t know Lev well, I do know that he’s an extremely thoughtful, intelligent guy, so I while I’ve never reposted anything of this nature here before, I have now! (just thinking of what Chris Rock would say to a white guy uttering this phrase makes me smile)

As far as Chayei Sarah, if I stay awake any longer, chances are I’ll post on the parsha as well/ The elections? Well, Moshe Feiglin’s facebook post says it best. I don’t remember its exact contents, but he basically made the point that lots of Jews and Israelis in particular seem to think that America is electing Israel’s next P.M./Presiden/supreme leader whereas this isn’t the case. Israel should (and I believe it will) decide for itself. So in short, Feiglin, ’13!