Upgrading Your iPhone

Upgrading Your iPhone

Who doesn’t want the latest version of Smartphones or iPhones that hit the market? And what about the iPad you fell in love with when you ordered it last year? Not so exciting when your next-door neighbor buys the newer model. But most people cannot really afford to drop the device they’ve barely finished paying for into the trash for the sake of a newer model. Israel Ganot, of Gazelle, figured that out early on. Ganot learned that when people were upgrading their mobile phones, they were paying the retail store’s staff 20 bucks a shot to properly dispose of them. What? That sounds like a whole lot of waste. Those devices may be outdated, but they still have a lot of use left in them.

Cashing in on Outdated Phones

Ganot, who grew up in Bat Yam, Israel thought there was a way to get new life from old devices and built a business on that concept. He created Gazelle in 2008 and serves as its CEO and President. With the motto of “Don’t just sell it – Gazelle it,” the company quickly became the hottest re-commerce site for people who would rather sell their outdated devices than pay someone to cover them over in a landfill. During its years in business, it has handled in excess of one million trade-ins and has put out some $80 million to its 500,000 customers.

A Second Life

If it is hard to meet consumer demand of Apple products in the US, how much more so in emerging markets of Latin America or Asia. Wholesalers working in those countries are hot customers for the devices that have been traded in. Instead of paying upwards of $1,500 for an iPhone, people can opt for a used iPhone for $200-$300.  The cool thing about Ganot is that his company doesn’t only buy old electronics. Much of the Gazelle website is devoted to teaching people how to take care of their devices so they will last longer, new product reviews and latest tech news.

Remember – “Don’t just sell it – Gazelle it!”