Managing a marketing team is one of the trickiest and most important tasks in any company. These proven tips will help you manage your team, increasing your company’s bottom line in the process:

Cultivate Lasting Relationships Beyond the Office

In an increasingly-competitive marketplace, how good your employees feel about they spend a majority of waking hours in will greatly influence their performance. Incentives, including days off and holiday presents, will only go so far if the employer doesn’t feel a high level of personal involvement and doesn’t receive positive feedback when they do well. It’s critical for a marketing manager to foster positive relationships with team members. This will provide them additional drive to go beyond the call of duty.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

One of the biggest challenges facing marketing managers is creating an overall marketing strategy and sticking to it. Barring certain unpredictable events such as a gigantic asteroid colliding with Planet Earth or an alien takeover, you will probably be able to succeed at this to a great degree. The first step is figuring out where you actually want to get. When you have that down, start defining what constitutes success. Using actual numbers helps. Involving fellow marketing team members along with other departments such as Sales will make the process more likely to bear dividend. Once you have a detailed plan in place, make sure to share it with the other team members so that everyone is on the same page.

Determine Your Budget

In an age where online marketing offers the biggest, most attractive platform for raking in the big bucks and creating new business channels, many still haven’t fully realized the importance of setting aside a significant portion of the company pie towards marketing. As we’ve all heard before, money makes the world turn and without this type of super fuel, no marketing campaign can hope to succeed.