SolarWaterDistillerIn these progressive times of powerful computers, instant digital information and the ability to reach out and “touch someone” with the click of a computer key, it is stunning that we have not been able to find a viable solution that addresses the most important issue affecting millions across the globe — access to fresh water. According to, clean water is not available to one in nine people, which amounts to nearly 800 million of this world’s residents.

That is not to say that there is not enough water to go around, but access to clean water is not always available. SunDwater, an Israeli company that understands the dynamics of water shortages, has developed a solar powered device that distills and converts contaminated and unsafe water that can be used for basic fresh water purposes.

Fresh Water Shortage in Developing Countries

Since most of the fresh water shortage falls in the undeveloped areas of the world, SunDwater’s CEO Shimmey Zimmels went to work creating an eco friendly system that would be successful with only basic requirements. He took advantage of the 2009 drought in Israel to invent a solar water distillation unit, which can convert up to 400 liters of sewage water, grey or brackish water or salt water into potable water for agricultural needs as well as drinking.

Minimal Infrastructure Requirements for Solar Distillers

The beauty of the smart solution developed by SunDwater is that it can be erected in any urban or remote location of the world where there is a need for fresh water. It does not need an external energy source or infrastructure and by using natural resources that are available, it harnesses solar heat and converts it to energy that in turn distills the water. Thus, the stand-alone distillers are simple to set up, efficient and easy to operate without damaging the environmental integrity of the region.