Anti-social app to avoid awkward meetings.

Anti-social app to avoid awkward meetings
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Although it is a bit small, Israel is a very social country. While taking a walk on the city streets or hiking a trail, you can meet long lost friends from your hometown thousands of miles away or run into someone you went to camp with in 1967. You can find yourself bumping into old friends from other parts of the world who are visiting as well as those who have made aliyah. Under most circumstances, that is one of the cool aspects of living in a small country, where it is not uncommon to run into people you know every time you step out. But leave it to Israeli technology to find a way out for the more anti-social among us.

Get Me Out of Here!

If you’re not a social butterfly and you don’t enjoy close encounters with odd acquaintances, then help is on the way, thanks to an antisocial app called Split. The Israeli app developed by Split, which was started by its CEO Udi Dagan, creates escape routes that lets people avoid those uncomfortable run ins. However, to use this antisocial app, you must start out with a social media platform, such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Log on and choose the so-called “friends” that you do not want to avoid at all costs.

According to Dagan, everyone has someone that they want to avoid. Whether it’s a boss, a nosy relative or even an ex boyfriend, the software helps them stay away.

Making a List and Checking it Twice

After selecting the friends you wish to avoid, the app will notify you when one of them is in the vicinity. Then Split provides intricate instructions on how you can flee the scene without being seen. The app works by using status updates on social networks to get the location data of those on your list. It can be derived from image uploads as well as status updates.

Finally, no need to worry about your boss seeing you on the beach or running into your ex at a singles party!