According to an article posted recently in a leading magazine in the Scientometrics field, Professor Arnon Karnieli from Ben-Gurion University is ranked amongst the top 20 leading researches in the world in the field of remote sensing.

arnon karnielli

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Scientometrics is a science dealing in the measurement and evaluation of information for production in a variety of mediums. In an article titled “1991-2010: A Bibliometric Analysis during Global Research Trends,” the names “Arnon Kernieli” and that of Ben-Gurion University were listed amongst the top 20 researchers in the world.

In 1988, Professor Karnieli founded the laboratory for remote sensing for the institutes of desert research at Ben-Gurion University and has headed this project since then. With the help of satellite-produced pictures, Professor Karnieli and his staff research natural resources as these related to the process of global desertification that is a result of human interference as well as climate change. Professor Karnieli is the head researcher of Venus satellite, which is to be launched and used by the Israeli and French space programs in 2016.

Translated from an article in Ma’ariv NRG: