The MiNID communication device, which is the brainchild of Israel’s RAD Data Communications, came away with the top telecom product award at the 2013 NetEvents Technology Innovation Awards. The presentation was very impressive, considering that the RAD product was chosen by Dr. Robert Metcalfe, who is the co-creator of Ethernet. The gala charity dinner was held at the Computer History Museum in California in honor of Ethernet’s 40th anniversary. Dr. Metcalfe was the head of the panel of judges and deemed the miniature network interface device as the “best in class infrastructure equipment and innovative solutions to Service Providers’ current challenges.”


MiNID Saves Time and Mone

The MiNID is an SFP, or small form-factor pluggable network transceiver. It can connect to most pieces of equipment being used by telecom service providers. The units come with the customer’s specific specs already installed, which save valuable time and money, since the service provider only needs to plug it in to put its parameters into the network. Telephone networks can use it to configure systems instantaneously when upgrading or connecting to new services.

According to Dror Bin, the RAD Data President and CEO, “MiNID breaks through the barriers of cost and complexity, making it possible to finally deliver Carrier Ethernet to everyone, everywhere.”

Award Winning Technology Group

RAD Data Communications, which was established in 1981, is an award winning manufacturer of leading-edge technology with a high quality standards and operations that are environmentally friendly. The RAD Group is comprised of individual companies under one common umbrella, which takes advantage of the benefits of smaller business units.  When new market opportunities are identified that require a non-existent technology, a new company is formed.

Creator of the Single IP

One of RAD’s most well known inventions is the Single IP, which allows a common IP address to be shared by multiple users. It is a solutions provider for carriers the world over, including AT&T, British Telecom, Bell Canada, Deutsche Telekom, Sprint, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Verizon. In addition, its solutions help support and protect complex infrastructures for companies such as Beijing Power, Tata Power and Hydro-Quebec.  With these impressive companies using its products and services, it’s no wonder RAD Data Communications pulled in $1.2 billion in revenues in 2012.